One year older again…oh, dear!

Can’t groan about that. It happens and so better live with it. And how can I possibly get upset when good friends at work “secretly” gave me a wonderful birthday surprise last June 13? Hey, I could hear you a mile away whispering about it behind my back, guys…hehe.

My birthday treat: squid pancit, yummy barbeque (courtesy of donna) marinated overnight in Mama Sita’s BBQ marinade sauce (ssshhh! that’s our secret ingredient!), my favorite elbow macaroni soup, ever-present country-style iced tea plus birthday cupcakes with pink candles.

The A Girls serving up the simple feast…

We love to eat pero ano ‘to? Busog na?…kain pa!

I’ve been working with the A Girls for a number of years. Some new, some old. Some have gone, others have stayed. But one thing that sets us apart from others are our camaraderie and support that know no bounds especially in these times. I’m proud to be a part of them… “A GIRL” FOREVER!!!

The A Girls also gave me a funny Warholesque shirt with the many faces of the late Rene Requiestas in front. Thanks!!! Whenever i look at it, I could actually hear Rene’s voice, saying, “Cheeta-eh! Ganda Lalake! Heeheehee…

They know I love wearing shirts and that I grew up as a child of the 80’s. Hmm, I would also prefer having a t-shirt showing beloved comedian Chiquito in front. I miss him…I wonder where i could get one? I googled him up today and none of the sites carry even a picture of him…WHY? I mean, c’mon…someone put up a site for Weng Weng, for crying out loud! Why not Chiquito?

Oh, well. Maybe those could be my next birthday wishes for next year…a Chiquito t-shirt plus due recognition for a late great Filipino comic.

Here’s to another great year for me, i hope! Cheers! Heeheeeheee!!