My blog will have a ‘soft opening’ this Thursday Friday.  What I mean by this is…not a lot of my close friends know I have a personal blog yet.  I had been keeping this a secret for several reasons–I’m too shy, I’m not ready yet to talk about it, it’s still new and I’m not prepared to show it…stuff like that. It is like moving to a new home, and you can’t have your friends over until you’ve cleaned, furnished, and decorated the place until it’s presentable enough.

So this Thursday Friday, i will announce to some select friends to finally come and visit my new “house.” That’s why I’m busy finishing my drafts, to be readied for postings, editing some, checking and rechecking past posts for errors yet unnoticed (I’m a teacher, I can’t help it)…

Blogging is a helpful, modern way of keeping in touch. To know what one is up to nowadays, wherever you are in the world.  It is a whole new way of corresponding.  Blogging also gives me a chance to ‘meet’ and ‘talk’ with interesting people by visiting each other’s blogs. And it encourages people to read more and write more.  So it’s all good, right?

But could it replace conversations as well or change the way people talk?  I know it is a far-fetched idea but anything can be replaced nowadays by new technology…it CAN get crazy! As BuhayPinoy said in our thread about vanishing trades, “Ano pa ang mawawala sa pag-usbong ng bagong tekno? Let’s wait and see.”

Some people prefer to write about stuff rather than talk about it.  Sometimes, I am like that, too.  I may not be a writer, but I love wit, ideas and knowledge. And these are what I want to write, share, and talk about.  Sometimes you can’t explain things verbally…you just have to write them down so you can check and reflect if you made sense or not.

But if each person will have his own blog, could all conversations someday go like these?

Q: So what happened at the reunion party last Monday?

A: You can just read about it in my blog.

Q: How was the movie?

A: I’ll talk about it in my blog.

Q: Hon, did you see my car keys?

A: Check my blog.

Q: Did you flush the toilet?

A: You’ll find out in my blog.

Crazy…but who knows?

Grumbacher: Just a quick question, oh great one…

when can I have my own blog?