Day 2: 6 April 2008 (Sunday)

We went around Jakarta in a hired van, courtesy of Ly and Ros.

Without it, we could have used a taxi or rode in an angkot (mini-bus) like the one in the right picture.

We wanted to try out the bajaj (left)–similar to our own tricycle–just for the heck of it (For a more detailed description on Indonesia’s unique transportation modes, click here).  But there was no time, we had to hurry…hurry…

First Stop: Pasar Seni (Art Market) at Ancol Jakarta BayCity

We toured around the the Art Market…admiring the works of the Indonesian artists on display.  Souvenirs can be bought here, too (more about the art found here in a future post).

There were little girls (left), in traditional costumes, preparing and practicing before their actual performance later in the day.

“Wounded Earth:” Trees wrapped in bandages, graveyard of dead trees and fallen logs, indigenous art works and sculptures were all around the park. Conceptual art on environmental awareness was the theme for that week.  We did not stay long to see the performances though, which was a shame…

Second stop: Monas (National Monument)

This is like our Rizal Park, although we lack the huge tower of course and then some.  In order to get to the main attraction of the site, we had to wait our turn to ride the passenger trolleys (left).  It took time but we got there anyway.

The Monas Tower.

Standing tall at 137 meters, this obelisk is topped off with a flame sculpture coated with 35 kg. of gold.  There is a museum inside, and an observation deck at the top but there were too many people on that Sunday so we decided to just take pictures from afar…and of course, the tower was not spared from those novelty shots…you know–pretending to be gripping the tower with your hand (which I did and it looked a bit risque 😉 so I hope that shot will never see the light of day) or touching the flame with your finger (which is what Ly was doing at the bottom of the shot).

As I said, we had to hurry up…there were so many things to do and places to see.  Plus, as shown in the Monas picture…sorry for the blurry bad pic– but that dark smudge in the sky were actual rain clouds heading towards us. Good thing we ended our photo session in time and headed back to our hired van before the heavy rain besieged upon us (again and again!).

Third Stop: Sea World at Ancol Bay City

We went and bought tickets to get inside Sea World, back at Ancol.  My apologies for this incoming bad pun…It was Angcool, alright! Hehe…

“Sea World Indonesia!  Sea World Indonesia!” The theme song kept playing over and over again though–it can make someone go nuts…Den and I (above right) in front of an aquarium full of…um…all kinds of fishes…basta! ang dami-dami!

I enjoyed the Aquarium Walk, and the petting pool…I got to touch a small shark, stingray and tortoises.  They didn’t seem to mind…

The souvenir shop at Sea World.  Take your pick!

Last Stop: Shopping!

We headed to low-end department stores (more like our Tutuban) where the factory and surplus outlets are.

O guys…Magkanya-kanya na muna tayo, ha?” : Self-confessed shopaholic Ly is in her element, making a beeline towards the discounted merchandise as the rest of us browse around…

The ukay-ukay concept is not popular here since products from China face tough competition with rejects and/or over-supply of clothes and shoes (also called sisa export or asli palsu) bearing Western brand names that they manufacture in factories here, making Jakarta an ultimate shopper’s mecca.  This is where we bought souvenirs (t-shirts, key chains, shawls) to appease the folks back home…

We headed next for the luxury shopping mall, Plaza Senayan, (alas, no pictures…we were too tired by this time so we forgot…) where we ate dinner and met up with our next host for this trip…

some photos courtesy of Den 🙂

To be continued: More Indo-xicating Places! (Part 3)