A good meal is not complete without desserts.  Actually, I am not much into desserts or sweets but it won’t hurt to sample some in Indonesia:

…They have cold Indonesian desserts much like our own halo-halo.  Which is better?  Well, they’re both good, but ours topped with leche flan, sweet mongo and rice krispies is still the tops.

Sweet and lovely: I am not sure what the first one was…cassava, I think but the right pic I’m pretty sure is Pisang Goreng (banana fried in batter) or something akin to our own maruya.  These are from Kampung Daun.

:mrgreen:    :mrgreen:    :mrgreen:    :mrgreen:    :mrgreen:

Kung nasa Java ka na rin lang… lubus-lubusin mo na ang pagtikim ng kanilang Java coffee–whether it be from a three-in-one sachet or brewed to perfection…

We stopped at one cafe and it’s called Amanda in Bandung. They serve cakes  but the Browfee, combining ‘Brownie’ and ‘Coffee’ (below) is the one we came for.  Great combo…wala pa sa Pinas nito. Care to franchise, anyone?

Juicers and Shakers:  below right is guyabano juice (too sweet for my taste) from the resto in the hotel; (center) strawberry drink; while right photo is the dreaded ‘D’ word: DURIAN (!) shake.  It tasted… um, exactly like durian, I guess…wala nang ibang description, yun na yun.  But it doesn’t leave a bad smell though.  But I did brush my teeth twice afterwards just in case. 😀

:mrgreen:    :mrgreen:    :mrgreen:    :mrgreen:    :mrgreen:

They sure like their tea…Hot, cold or lukewarm, in mugs, tetrapacks or in bottles (left)…

What else do they have that we don’t? They do have the Mcdos, KFCs and Burger Kings. Let’s see…

“Hurry! Mix right away!” : Pepper Lunch (below left) at Plaza Senayan is one of their fastfood restos, too.  It is like our own sizzling plate-themed eateries but you can get to mix it your own way or let the waiter do it for you because the hot oil tend to ‘splatter’ while you do it; at right is our last meal from their pseudo-Japanese fastfood type of resto, Haka Haka Bento (Tokyo Tokyo is way better), at the Jakarta airport:

…alright.  That’s it.  One more post to go, about miscellaneous stuff still worth mentioning.  Promise, last na ‘to.

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