I haven’t been ‘browsing’ in nbs for quite some time now.  There’s this book I have in mind that I wanted to buy but alas, I learned that it costs more than a thousand pesos.  Grabe...have to rethink now…and rethink a hundred times whether I should push through with it or not.

Anyway, I saw these books on the shelf:

I have heard about Viking Studio and Penguin publication of these books, Dracula and Jane Eyre, last two years ago in some site, I think.  It is only now that I saw them here, available for us Filipinos.  Graphic illustrators Jae Lee and Dame Darcy‘s artworks on the covers and in the inside pages give a modern (goth? emo?) take on the classics.  These elegantly dark and striking covers catch your eye, beckoning you, and before you know it, the books are in your hands, and you’re scrutinizing them, checking the price tags and contemplating of buying them (I almost did but then I still have the more-than-1k-peso book in mind).

Illustrations are important. They’re one of the main motivations that made me learn and want to read. I applaud Viking’s efforts to bring new readers to the classics.  Some students think that these books are passe or a bore or not worth the time.  Maybe making them look hip and ‘with it’ may bring more converts into the fold.  Are there going to be more books like these? Like Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, perhaps?