One day, at mcdo…

I saw what appeared to be a doppelganger lady or my Sis’ probable twin! I secretly took pictures of her look-alike…

In fairness, the doppelganger lady looks like a movie star (oo na, shempre, ikaw rin, Sis!).  I did not only say that to appease doppelganger lady in case she gets riled up if she ever finds these unauthorized pics of herself posted on the web (just think of it as papparazzi kunwari, k?), and also for calling her ‘doppelganger lady.’  nah, i ain’t scared of that.  i’m sure she’s a nice lady.  Maybe invite her for tea and for some chit-chat, too.

Kamukha mo siya! Mas kamukha mo pa nga siya kesa sa akin…Siya ang totoo mong kapatid–kakambal mo pa ata!” I cajoled and teased Sis when we met up one weekend. I showed her the candid shots of her mystery twin.  “Oo nga…ako nga yan! Haha!” she exclaimed.  Everyone agreed when they saw the photos from my cell’s cam.

To show you the uncanny resemblance, here is Sis during Paula’s birthday 2 weeks ago (it’s the only one i could find–a blurry shot of her profile that matches my equally blurry shots of the doppelganger lady):

And here is the doppelganger lady (i didn’t eavesdrop on her conversation—I’m not THAT nosy; i just used my imagination just to make this post a little more interesting.)   😉

“Napanood mo ba kagabi?”

Ang cute ni Gabby no?”

“Ay, oo, mare…sinabi mo! Dapat piliin ni Claudine si…”

“Hay, ang init sa labas…libre mo naman ako ng mcflurry o.”

What do you think…kamukha ba? 🙂