…well, almost.  $299,994,240,633 to be exact. And only in a virtual world via http://3trillion.org/:

It was harder than i expected. I did it twice because during the first time–due to my inability to figure out numerical details (in other words, I suck in math! grrr!), i overspent and had to start all over again.

I tried to take it seriously and not to cheat… Avoiding crazy items like spending an evening with Johnny Depp for $300M (Tchuh! Who me?), buying a magic wand or Canada, or building a time machine with my virtual money.  I prioritized clicking those important items that were needed in order to prove a point that giving is better than spending it all on war. It wouldn’t hurt to leave behind a great legacy if you spent 3 trillion dollars wisely…like feeding starving orphans first…

It was tiring…A lot of minutes had passed and i was still nowhere near 1 trillion dollars. I had to leave the site thrice and rest…because saving the world with 3 trillion dollars can really be ‘exhausting.’  If you’re interested, see breakdown of my shopping spree.

These are some of my philanthropic choices…if I had all that money:

….I would give aid to causes that promote education, and livelihood (Achieve Universal Literacy; Universal Preschool; Sustainable Agriculture Education Worldwide;  200T Cows for a Gift of a Heifer; End Poverty and Health-related Diseases); fight hunger and poverty (Rice for all; End Third World Debt); clean the world and fight diseases (Fight AIDS in Developing Countries; Clean water for Everyone; Cure a Deadly disease; Cure for Alzheimer’s; Cure for Cancer); Promote the arts (art center; salary grants for talented starving artists…wow, sana totoo); fight injustice (Human Rights; Lawyers for the Poor; War reparations for Iraq); Save the Environment (Switch to solar power; Plant a million trees), etc.

After spending 2.7 trillion dollars on saving the world… I had a spare change of a measly 300B to spend for myself… College education for all members of the family; make a Hollywood Movie: $106M; a collector’s CD set of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: $133; Documentary Film-making fund: $5M; an island in the Bahamas;  the world’s most expensive fiddle; Create my own college; Houses of my dreams; Buy Google for $2.5B and Microsoft for $262B; an evening with Johnny Depp (oops…well, I did say I tried!)…

What did I feel after ‘spending’ three trillion dollars? Well, I always wondered how it feels to be in Monty Brewster‘s shoes (of the 1985 movie ‘Brewster’s Millions’ starring Richard Pryor) who was forced to waste 30 million dollars in 30 days…  In one memorable scene, Brewster came home looking dazed and bewildered and muttering to himself, “…I just bought an iceberg…” He felt frustrated and absolutely hated it and I could understand why.  But that was fiction.  What’s really scary is that there ARE people who did spend 100 billion times that amount by illegally occupying a single country.  And what’s even scarier is that unlike Brewster, these people don’t seem to be going around dazed and bewildered …they’re in a constant state of denial, showing no remorse or guilt whatsoever.  A colossal waste of money? No, colossal is not right. Unforgivable is more like it.

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