Been there, been that…

That was a joke my former co-teacher would say (and it never failed to keep me from giggling no matter how many times he repeated it…I guess, it was the way he said it) especially when traveling to different places was being talked about.

Well, I’ve ‘been there, been that’ (giggle, giggle) in some major parts of the Philippines (places in my wish list still include Sagada, Vigan, Camiguin, and Ilocos).  And I was pretty satisfied with ‘my record’ (mula Aparri hanggang…er, well, Gensan) until I got my grade from Lakbayan:

WHAT? My Lakbayan grade is ONLY C+?

(The blues in the map show where I’ve been)…

I know C plus is not bad (it’s like 85 to 90, right? no? um, ok maybe, 80 to 84?).  But it still irked me nonetheless.  Ganun? C plus pala ha? If the purpose is to irritate me into packing my backpack and go explore the rest of the beautiful country, which in turn will help support Philippine tourism–well, it worked, buster! If only I could take a leave from work right now, I would!

And…and…and if i could, humanda ka , Lakbayan! Grrr…I’ll show you…  😡

travel pictures that, is!  Yeah…I’ll show you…hmp!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
♥ ♥ And to duskfading: Thanks for this site…(because of it, napa-crash course tuloy ako sa Phil. geography ng di oras, di ko kasi alam kung anong mga lugar na nadaanan ko e, hehe). Rest easy, k?