Here are 5 LSS (Last Song Syndrome) songs stuck in my head…for now:

1. Final Countdown by Europe: a friend showed me a youtube of this weird guy playing this tune using a ukelele slash piano instrument.  Sing along with me and get a taste of my personal hell: We’re heading for Venus…(Venus!) / And still we stand tall! Ugh!

2. Dahil Sa Iyo. Don’t laugh but this Filipino love song is really a timeless classic.  Saw it sung by Pilita Corrales recently on the San Juan episode of Landmarks (a show which I admire-found in Net25).  Fabulous!

3. For the First Time by kc. We had our Dear Heart days. Now, today’s generation has this movie starring kc and richard. Cool scenic location but found it less impressive than her mama’s first movie. I had no idea she could carry a tune though.

4. All the darn ABBA songs from Mamma Mia! It has been two weeks now since i last watched the dvd copy of it, and I’m still belting them out like crazy.  Somebody should have warned me… it’s driving me nuts!

5. Song from the Algorithm March.  Pchie introduced me to this song (and Japanese dance ‘exercise’). Looks fun. Watch it if you dare– 🙂