Even after 26 years, the young and old are still dancing (or know the steps to) michael j’s ‘thriller.’ Many US cities are holding ‘thriller’ dance marathons, or attempting to break the record for the largest number of people dancing to this global pop phenomenal hit.  This craze had a major resurgence in popularity and appeal due largely in part to the highly-viewed dance routine of the Cebu prisoners that was first posted in youtube in July of last year.

Even the yahoo logo is in on it for sheer fun!  … Click on the Yahoo site and watch the cartoon zombies do the Thriller dance. They even have a Jack o’ Lantern (the middle guy below) who is unmistakably wearing what looks like a Cebuano inmate’s orange prison uniform!

When you go to the site, just hover your mouse pointer over the middle pumpkin on the logo and out pop the zombies, doing little Thriller dance steps. But if you hover your pointer over the base of the logo’s exclamation point, you’ll get the whole dance routine. Try it–it’s fun! Hurry before it disappears forever after Halloween!