Thank you ZJ (sreisaat) for giving me this award last week.


Sorry it took time for me to blog about it!  It is because… I don’t know how to react! Hahaha!

Of course, ZJ, you’re my BFF (and blog mentor)! And I really appreciate the award! Actually it is my first award or tag…

The reason for the delay is…I don’t have enough blogger friends (yet) to give it to– being a relatively new blogger who pretty much keeps to herself and has no time to go around the blogosphere (para magpakilala)…

So after some thought, I am giving this award to two of my (other) blogger friends (utang na lang muna yung isa pa):

Dusk Fading: Hers is one of the blogs I often visit and one of the nicest bloggers around (Kasi she replies or visits back– di tulad ng mga iba kong binisita in the past.  Bitter much? Hehe!) She’s also a teacher and a gifted writer. She’s soon to be a mom so i wish her (and her baby) good health and many wonderful blessings!!

Buhay Pinoy: I love history, that’s why I support BP’s photoblogs that show pictures about our culture–noon at ngayon.  I also love these ‘visual’ blogs for the fact that they don’t have words much (minsan nakakapagod din magbasa ng mga sinusulat ng mga sangkatutak na bloggers) but instead show beautiful and interesting pictures that the blogger took time to research and collect from others (so that you don’t have to). As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Buhay Pinoy is one of my blogging mentors, too, when it comes to putting up a photoblog (I have one… still in the works but it’s coming soon!). Thanks, BP!

And back to my friend ZJ whom i would like to thank for the kind words about me! A friend since college days, ZJ’s one of the earliest Pinoy bloggers around (since 2002?) that I know of and have encouraged me to blog for the longest time…  An adventurous traveler and talented photographer with a huge heart. And a true PINAY–strong, independent, and free-spirited! Cambodia (and Rob) is lucky to have her. PS… mare, ym ym na lang ha? hehe.