I never talk about politics in my blog. I do not even have an assigned color for it ‘on my palette.’ I never liked talking about things that I’m not really much into.

But it IS strange… In February of last year, when Obama just announced he was running for the Oval Office (but most of the whole world hasn’t yet known who he was), I mentioned in my egroup message to a friend (who has met Bush) in the US that Obama will be the next president of the United States … I even unearthed my long list of sent messages to see if i was mistaken, and I wasn’t. So here it is:

Feb. 28, 2007: Hello __! …So how was Bush like?…. (delete, delete) Hamo, paalis na yan. Si Obama na ang susunod na presidente…(Translation: Don’t worry, he’s leaving. Obama will be the next president….)

I meant it as a semi-joke. And now that it had come true–wow! Maybe i could pass off as the next Madame Auring or Jeane Dixon? Haha!

Joking aside, I admit I am not much of an Obama supporter (I was really rooting for Hillary). I am a fan of CHANGE, though. I do hope he can live up to his promises. And he is going to need all the help he can get.  I hope he can!

Anyway, speaking of Obama, I’m a fan of the adventure puzzle casual game “Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects” by Big Fish Games.  I play it during my spare time.  It is a good exercise to sharpen your skills in poring over small yet substantial details (yes, I justify the little mundane things that I do…).  Well, there was one thing that I noticed in one of the locations in the game (where you look for hidden objects) which was Rocco’s Newsstand.  I’ve been seeing this tiny detail for over a year now, and did not mind it much. But now that we have just seen ‘history unfolding’ in this recent US election, I thought someone might find this interesting:


So what’s interesting about it? ‘Prime Suspects’ lets you find hidden objects in this location. Can you see the hidden garden trowel? The peppermint stick? How about Obama giving the thumbs up sign?



A mag cover of Obama with his thumb up in the red circle (left) and a close up (above).

Funny thing is…this game was released in April of 2006 when Obama was (and still is, technically) a US senator for the state of Illinois.  Gasp! Did the makers of this game had a premonition just like I did in early 2007? Will there be other hidden cryptic images in all “Mystery Files” games that could foretell our future and the fate of the world? And while you go and ponder on that… I’ve got a croquet ball and two lizards to locate… TWO? Dang, lizards are the hardest to find…