I have been working on two other blogs–still for wordpress.  Envisioned as a personal blog, ‘on my palette’ is more for fun, light-hearted topics geared for loved ones, few super-close friends and harmless strangers alike.  Here, I can talk, rave or rant about whatever comes to my head (but still with a bit of discretion); meaning, a wide range of topics I am interested in, no-holds-barred so to speak.  And it is not something I would like my associates that belong in my professional sphere to read for reasons pertaining to privacy.  I mean, I am ‘for-getting-to-know-you’ stuff but there has to be some boundaries.

That is why i came up with two other blogs with specific themes.  These are my professional blogs.  They both deal with my work, studies, and professional background which is art and education (having a professional blog would also be good to put in your CVs — wink wink– um, not that I’m looking for a new job though).

One of these professional blogs is called white skies, blue clouds:


‘white skies, blue clouds’ is my education blog (no need to explain what the title means because it really is irrelevant).  Basically, my topics on education, reading, research, books, and teaching that i posted here ‘on my palette’ will just be posted again in ‘white skies, blue clouds.’

So by now, ‘white skies, blue clouds’ has posts numbering around…well, four.  So far, so good!  Hehe.  How embarrassing…  I have to remind myself to write more topics on education.  I do have a lot to say, tips to suggest, and research and resources to share but I couldn’t get around into doing it.  Something always comes up.

Well, one thing that I am certain of, I will write about ‘writing’ for the remaining month of November since, November IS National Novel Writing Month (NaNoMo). I will not attempt to write a novel (but how i would love to!–oh, if only...) but I do want to talk about writing and teaching kids about writing.

Well, there are only ten days remaining. so i better start cracking…