Of the nine and half stories I feverishly churned out almost ten years ago, two got published. Having no PC during that time, I wrote them all by hand. But it was no big deal. They were basically love stories. I had to make the stories simple yet strive to make them better than the usual, run of the mill stories you find in bookstore shelves–by giving them more imaginative plots, characters with more depth and personality, and wittier, more entertaining dialogues or repartee between boy and girl.  A local book company that specializes in romances got to publish the first two.  How was it? Well, I used a pseudonym. I was not allowed to own the copyrights (one of the main reasons why I decided to stop having the rest published).  I bought one copy each of the two books but did not have the guts to read my own works in book form because for sure the editors may have altered it or butchered some parts in order to fit their mold of formula romance or horribly squeezed or pared it down to a required 90-page book.

Being a published author of two love stories was not something i would put in my CV as major accomplishments.  Heavens, no! It was just a creative phase that i went through and the money I got from it (which wasn’t much) helped pay the bills somehow.

But one thing about it that i was proud of was not the fact that two of my stories got published.  It was more of the fact that I was ABLE to write almost ten stories. And it gave me the hope that if I did it before, then definitely I could do it again. It also served as a form of self-discovery of my own creativity–my limitations, how I work, what i am capable of, where I excel at and where I needed to improve on.

Hmmm… After much reflection on this, I guess I have to take back what I wrote before (see previous post).  That it’s not possible for me to be a weekend artist or writer.  That forcing to create an artistic endeavor during weekends will only result to mediocre work.  I take them all back because there is something that I did not mention…

That there is still hope.  Well, it seems to be that I’m a fan of HOPE nowadays.  Tsk…there goes my cynical streak…

To be continued in the next post