December 2008

…or so it seems.

I’m telling you… The purchasing of a UP Centennial jacket is like getting a US Visa during the 80’s…

If you experienced what it was like getting a US visa (when you had to wait in line unlike now when you can set an appointment via phone call), you would know what I’m talking about…

After 2 months of waiting, I was able to get my UP Centennial jacket which was bought from UP Diliman.  I thought it would take up to UP Biennial before I would be able to get one.  The supply couldn’t keep up with the demand. You had to reserve for one (but then, they say it still wouldn’t be a 100% guarantee that you’ll get one–what the heck??–why reserve then?), and you’ve got to give your UP student number to prove that you’re an alumni and so that you’ll be given priority.  A friend of a friend bought the jackets for us because we’re too busy to do it ourselves.  She waited in line for it (bless her soul!) — a line which they said would stretch from “the CAS parking lot to the CAL” at times.

When I finally received it (bago naman magBiennial–hay salamat!), I wore it immediately and of course, proudly:


The black jacket with hood costs 800 pesos (the other jackets with different colors cost 700 pesos).  It has a “UP 1908-2008” printed in gold on the front. The number ‘100’ for UP’s 100 years is also printed at the end of the right sleeve.


The UP oblation draped with the Sablay and the name of the University is printed at the back…


…while the UP logo is printed on the left side of the hood. Kung di ka pa makilalang taga-UP niyan, ewan ko na…

A Word of Warning: Better to carefully hand wash your UP jacket than use your washing machine or else the precious printed designs on it (since these are the only parts that make it valuable) will be stripped off (according to a stuff-083friend whose boyfriend’s jacket became an unfortunate guinea pig)…

The UP  Centennial celebrations will officially end on Dec. 31. I may not have participated in the activities, I was still able to give my support through purchasing the jacket and t-shirts (at right).  I have also come up with tribute article on it for my public art blog, featuring flickr pix of the different Oblations across the Philippines.

Maligayang Pagdiriwang at Pagtatapos ng Isang Daang Taon, sa lahat ng mga kapwa kong Isko at Iska!


Whew! Greetings have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through, gifts have been opened, just need to clean up the mess and deal with the leftovers from last night’s feast… then, finally, I can catch up on… well, things that I’ve missed and have been missing out on.

It was a rainy Christmas, much to my slight surprise. Found it strange for I don’t think it has ever rained during the holidays, well, at least in my lifetime…  And these December days are really cold compared to the previous years–finding it hard to wake up in the morning, you just want to sleep up to noontime which of course something I can indulge in during this holiday break… yay!

Here are a few pics from our last night’s Christmas Noche Buena feast:


Paella and Pinoy Barbeque. Took a shot at the paella again, this time with garnishing on top, looking more presentable than the last time.


Been wishing for a fondue set for years, now finally got around to getting one.  Baptized it with chocolate fondue which ended up sweet but a tad bitter…


Paw and I attempted to make churros for the first time… but they ended up in little crazy shapes…haha! Oh, well… better luck next time! I also didn’t expect how messy it was going to be…we all had chocolate-stained shirts to prove it!

stuff-225Bring out the wine!: Doc, Sis, Lolo Dad, Pchie, Paw and Levic were present for our quiet simple Noche Buena.  By the time, the cooking was done, we were all famished.  I was so tired I couldn’t see stuff-227straight.

Levic enjoying his barbecue (right)…

We thanked God for the blessings we received this year (even if it had been a roller-coaster year-we all had our share of ups and downs but hey-we’re still here, right?) and wished for a better and wonderful year ahead as well. Merry Christmas!

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
wie treu sind deine Blätter!

Been singing this song (I prefer Nat King Cole’s German version) or at least humming it (can’t remember the lyrics, and can’t sing it without butchering the language…) for the past few days…

Just thought of sharing some pictures of our Tannenbaum at home… I’ve been the family’s designated holiday decorator and Christmas tree ‘put-upper’ ever since…well, forever.  It can be tiresome at times but I always love the results after everything has been placed, hanged, tweaked and plugged in… I don’t know why but I just get easily mesmerized by tiny colored lights and shiny ornaments…

Sing along with me as we go through these pics (for your listening pleasure, click here to hear good ole Nat’s smooth vocals):


Du grünst nicht nur, zur Sommerzeit


Nein auch im Winter……wenn es schneit…


O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum…


…wie treu sind deine Blätter!


Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!


I got what I wished for this Christmas: dvd copies of the complete seasons of my all-time favorite shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sex and the City! Now I don’t have to scour all the markets and tiangges looking for these… I finally have them (I once bought dvd copies of SATC but they didn’t work–grrr!–while Buffy dvds can’t be found anywhere here)!  And I don’t have to wait up at nights to see the shows (Buffy is on AXN Beyond and SATC is on Velvet); and best of all–I can get to see them uncut and uncensored for the first time…


ZJ in Cambodia: Thank you, thank you, my friend! I owe you, mare–that is, I owe you a UP Centennial tshirt and a Belle Du Jour 2009 planner.  As of this writing, they’re on their way to your hometown, hopefully to be received by your bro who will give them to you when he goes back to Cambodia… Oh, I do hope you get them! And thanks for the Angkor Wat keychains, too!

Now, for my next wish in my list…

1. Buffy DVDs

2. Sex and the City DVDs

3. Panasonic Lumix LX3


…and food seems to be everywhere.

This post is all about the holiday food I took pictures of–food served for the Christmas and birthdays parties (apparently, a lot of people were or are celebrating their birthdays in Dec.).  It’s ironic how your waist grows thicker while your wallet gets thinner during the holidays, huh?

As you can see by now, I like taking pictures of food.  I just want to document the glorious sight of food and give respect to people who take time, money and effort to cook and feed us by posting the fruits of their labors for posterity’s sake…and before they get gobbled up and flushed down into the sewers of oblivion…

Here are some of them…



My company’s QC Christmas Party Dec. 19, 2008: The program was short and just right… and the food was superb, especially the hot salsa for the nachos–kudos to the Manang who solely conjured these up with her magic wand!


Gone in 5 minutes: The Before and After shots of Mister Dan’s Christmas gift for us at work– home-cooked pancit bihon sa bilao which the A Girls and I literally devoured in minutes… sarap! The picture on the right is what we Pinoys call ‘sus-nagkahiyaan-pa!’ leftovers.


The A Girls’ Christmas Eat-Out at TGI Friday’s, Dec. 18, 2008: The place was packed, tears were shed as we surprised each other with gifts, and the identities of our secret Monito-Monitas were revealed. But where’s the food? Funny how we forgot to take pictures of the food we ordered…we gobbled them all up as soon as the waiters set them on the table…


Egg custards from Hong Kong courtesy of our jet-stter friend, bpc! Thanks… they were delish!


Dec. 13 Birthday feast prepared by Sis for Levic… Busog! Burp!

So… time to shed those pounds gained, I guess… starting um, tomorrow… or the next day after that…or next year…hehe.

(I wasn’t able to upload pictures from my cellphone camera for the past weeks.  Something went wrong with my computer lately due to viruses I got from the Internet. But now it is semi-fixed and so I have a backlog of 200 pics waiting to be uploaded and some are worthy to be posted.  So you will see a lot of pictures in my upcoming posts for the next few weeks… starting with the following pix from two weekends ago…)

Spent the weekend of Dec. 12 to 14 mostly in Marikina because it was the birthday of Levic.  I’ll just let the pictures do the talking:


Sushiiiiii(!) which was a gift from a relative, pusit, pasta, barbeque, and other yummy dishes served for the party prepared by Sis.  Happy Birthday, Levic!


It was the year’s last biggest full moon that hovered over us that weekend according to the news.  Took a pic of it but it was partly hidden by clouds.


Enjoying one of my favorite comfort foods: ice cream and barquillos (crunchy sweet wafer rolls) leftovers from the previous night’s party on the rooftop slash balcony of the house.


Checking out the Marikina River scene and Bayani Fernando and his missus’ attempt to make it look great…Hmm, still smelly and it’s no Disneyland but at least it’s clean, attracting some crowds, and the residents seem to like it.


Tis the season to go bargain-hunting!: Paw and I checking out the ukay-ukay strip along the river’s banks.  She got some great bargains on sandals and blouses (like 2 for P180)–not bad!


From low-end ukayan to high end ukayan (below): Passed by San Juan to check out an indoor bazaar in front of the Pinaglabanan shrine (above pic)


The San Juan ukay-ukay was selling merchandise that were branded factory overruns which include Chanel shirts, Vera Wang, etc. If you still want to check it out, it’s at the second floor of the building in front of the said shrine.


Every weekend for this month, fireworks light up the Marikina skyline at night…

So goes the weekend…

WordPress 2.7 started last Dec. 10–with a huge improvement on user interface which now has a new sophisticated elegant design.  I had wanted to comment on it but was too busy lately at work…

So here goes…My comments on wordpress 2.7 are: Ooh! Aah! Love love LOVE it!

And by the way, I just turned on my virtual snow! It’s now snowing on my blog! Finally figured out how to do it…haha!  Looks great with my header shot of ceramic snowmen, ya?!!  Lived all my life in a tropical country… so yeah, I get a big kick out it…hehe! or should I say, hohoho?

Great job, guys!  WordPress is the best! ♥ ♥

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