…and food seems to be everywhere.

This post is all about the holiday food I took pictures of–food served for the Christmas and birthdays parties (apparently, a lot of people were or are celebrating their birthdays in Dec.).  It’s ironic how your waist grows thicker while your wallet gets thinner during the holidays, huh?

As you can see by now, I like taking pictures of food.  I just want to document the glorious sight of food and give respect to people who take time, money and effort to cook and feed us by posting the fruits of their labors for posterity’s sake…and before they get gobbled up and flushed down into the sewers of oblivion…

Here are some of them…



My company’s QC Christmas Party Dec. 19, 2008: The program was short and just right… and the food was superb, especially the hot salsa for the nachos–kudos to the Manang who solely conjured these up with her magic wand!


Gone in 5 minutes: The Before and After shots of Mister Dan’s Christmas gift for us at work– home-cooked pancit bihon sa bilao which the A Girls and I literally devoured in minutes… sarap! The picture on the right is what we Pinoys call ‘sus-nagkahiyaan-pa!’ leftovers.


The A Girls’ Christmas Eat-Out at TGI Friday’s, Dec. 18, 2008: The place was packed, tears were shed as we surprised each other with gifts, and the identities of our secret Monito-Monitas were revealed. But where’s the food? Funny how we forgot to take pictures of the food we ordered…we gobbled them all up as soon as the waiters set them on the table…


Egg custards from Hong Kong courtesy of our jet-stter friend, bpc! Thanks… they were delish!


Dec. 13 Birthday feast prepared by Sis for Levic… Busog! Burp!

So… time to shed those pounds gained, I guess… starting um, tomorrow… or the next day after that…or next year…hehe.