Whew! Greetings have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through, gifts have been opened, just need to clean up the mess and deal with the leftovers from last night’s feast… then, finally, I can catch up on… well, things that I’ve missed and have been missing out on.

It was a rainy Christmas, much to my slight surprise. Found it strange for I don’t think it has ever rained during the holidays, well, at least in my lifetime…  And these December days are really cold compared to the previous years–finding it hard to wake up in the morning, you just want to sleep up to noontime which of course something I can indulge in during this holiday break… yay!

Here are a few pics from our last night’s Christmas Noche Buena feast:


Paella and Pinoy Barbeque. Took a shot at the paella again, this time with garnishing on top, looking more presentable than the last time.


Been wishing for a fondue set for years, now finally got around to getting one.  Baptized it with chocolate fondue which ended up sweet but a tad bitter…


Paw and I attempted to make churros for the first time… but they ended up in little crazy shapes…haha! Oh, well… better luck next time! I also didn’t expect how messy it was going to be…we all had chocolate-stained shirts to prove it!

stuff-225Bring out the wine!: Doc, Sis, Lolo Dad, Pchie, Paw and Levic were present for our quiet simple Noche Buena.  By the time, the cooking was done, we were all famished.  I was so tired I couldn’t see stuff-227straight.

Levic enjoying his barbecue (right)…

We thanked God for the blessings we received this year (even if it had been a roller-coaster year-we all had our share of ups and downs but hey-we’re still here, right?) and wished for a better and wonderful year ahead as well. Merry Christmas!