“On My Palette” is on hiatus.

For the meantime, I would like to say that On My Palette has so far reached 5,000 hits in a span of seven months.  Apparently, my Top 3 Most Visited Posts are:

For the tween fan who got caught in the ‘Twilight’ Zone –  179 views; well, it’s about Twilight, what else is there to say? I’m sick of talking about how bad that series was; never saw the movie and never will.

For Filipino Teachers Wanting to Work Abroad – 156 views; Of course, this post gained many hits because there are many Pinoys out there who are always on the look-out for work abroad, especially teachers.  Of course, I prefer teachers to stay and serve their countrymen (we all want to) but it is also not a disservice to offer advice for those who choose (or forced) to leave and earn abroad.

Jo Koy – 140 views; It seems people ARE interested in Jo Koy.  Never a day passed without someone googling his name up and checking out the post I made about him.

And so far, I’ve received the most hits from these 5 countries: the US, the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada and the UK.

Blogging will resume in late February or early March after I finish dealing with some final requirements for graduate school.   Until then, thanks for dropping by!