Note: This is a continuation of Part 1

It was Maundy Thursday.  En route to Sagada, we had several stop-overs in Bontoc. First, we reached Mount Polis, which is the borderline between Ifugao and the Mountain Province.  Again we took some neat photos:


HIGH-yop! This is said to be the highest highway, maybe in Luzon; here, you could literally ‘touch’ passing clouds (low-lying ones only) but there were none when we passed by.


Sorry po sa distorbo, Manong… A Bontoc elder contemplates, seemingly unmindful of us, a bunch of noisy, giddy kulit travelers.

pict0465Feels like heaven: A huge statue of the Virgin Mary, probably measuring 20 feet tall…

pict0464…and a cabbage patch can be found at Mt. Polis where organic vegetables can be sold really cheap. We decided to buy some when we pass by here again on our way home.

Then, we stopped again to gaze with amazement at the picturesque town of Bay-yo and its terraces:



There were more terraces along the way…


We reached Bontoc Proper at 12 noon and went straight to visit the Bontoc Museum first before it closes. There were replicas of Ifugao houses displayed there that are worth checking out if ever you drop by someday:



A mannequin display of an Igorot woman weaving cloth at the museum (left); and the museum features old photos of the Cordillera’s rich culture and heritage (right)


Fellow traveler, Melo (above), a food and travel blogger is hard at work, doing his thing (Check out his post on this; he has better pix than me!)– taking picture of our lunch: delicious lechon kawali dish from Tchayapan restaurant in Bontoc.

After a good meal, we were off for one last ride (for another hour) before reaching our final destination: Sagada.

To be continued…Part 3