As of this writing, summer in the Philippines has just ended even before May began.

I know! It is such a major bummer that the rainy season has already started in the middle of summer. I’ve been complaining about the heat but i could still take it (for a few more days–I swear!).  Besides, there were still plans to go swimming especially this coming three-day weekend.  It seldom happens that Labor Day falls on a Friday. And yet, this happens: “At 2:00 p.m. today, a Low Pressure Area (LPA) was estimated based on satellite and surface data at 140 kms East of Legaspi City (13.3°N, waterboys6125.3°E). Another Low Pressure Area (LPA) was estimated at 280 kms Northwest of Mindoro (14.8°N, 117.9°E)” (source: PAG-ASA) which generally means we’ll get a wetter than wet holiday. *Groan!*

Sayang! What inspires me to enjoy the summer pa naman sana is the 2001 Japanese film, Waterboys (directed by Shinobi Yaguchi).  If you liked The Full Monty, you will like this one, too, because it kinda copied the premise a bit. Yet this one has synchronized swimming instead of male stripping; and young adorable Japanese high school boys instead of a bunch of thirty to fortyish old British men gyrating to disco music.

Waterboys poster (left)

What I liked about the movie was the theme of not giving up your dreams,  the value of hard work (which is usually the moral lesson common in most J dramas), and friendships, and just plain enjoying life satoandguysand the delights brought about by being young. And of course, the actors are also cute: Satoshi Tsumabuki (who had a bit part in the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) played  the lead role, Suzuki; and a very young-looking Hiroshi Tamaki (another personal fave of mine–*sighs*) as the funny and goofy Sato.

Sato (fourth grinning guy from left) and the rest of the original waterguys are still making a splash even after 8 years. I let my nephew and niece watch it, and they too loved it!

270px-waterboys2aThe movie became a hit in Japan and so came a TV spin-off with the same title in 2004 (right photo).  I watched these series, too.  It followed the same story line but I found it too long.  But since I am a fan of the movie, I finished it nonetheless.

I’m wondering why Hollywood hasn’t made their own version of this movie, and if they do make one, will it live up to the original?

Here is a bonus clip from the movie:  Suzuki (front row, at left) and Sato (front row, at right) and the rest of the energetic Waterboys actors are seen practicing for their Dance Revolution scene.  And even if my summer has been rained out way too soon, listening to the movie’s theme song (Niji by Fukuyama Masaharu) AND seeing these guys dance will always drive those rainy blues away. They just make me wanna put my hands together and cheer: SIN-KI-ROH (clap! clap!) SIN-KI-ROH (clap! clap!) ( ̄ー ̄)//”” ぱちぱち…