Done watching Star Trek… The reviews are positively BEAMING (couldn’t resist-sorry!) and the trekkies are happy.

But what do I think about it?

Mr. Spock: “Hmm… Fascinating.”

You’re damn right it is!

PS. Can’t wait for more. And Karl Urban (remember him as Lord of the Rings‘ Eomer?) is freakingly flawless as Dr. McCoy! The actors are all lucky. They’ll be employed for life.  All supporting characters had amazing parts in the story except for Uhura (Zoe Saldana – who played a trekkie in The Terminal).  All she did was pucker up and kiss Spock (!).  Hope she gets more action time in the next movie.

Here is a link to cartoonist Ward Sutton‘s take on the movie \\//, (^^)  Enjoy!: