1 liter of tears tv drama posterAnother jdorama to be shown on GMA (starting tonight May 25) is the 2005 mini-series, 1 Liter of Tears (Icchi Rittoro no Namida).  It is based on the inspiring 1986 book that contains diary entries of Kito Aya whose youthful dreams and happiness were shattered by a cruel degenerative disease, putting a slow and tragic end to what could have been a bright and promising life.  The jdorama version (there was also a 2004 movie on this) starred Sawajiri Erika as Ikeuchi Aya and Nishikido Ryou as Asou Haruto.  It differs from the book and movie by adding a love angle to it in the form real-aya-kito-1-liter-of-tearsof Ryou.  It was a nice touch–resembling that other tear-jerker “A Walk to Remember.”

The real Aya (right): “I write because writing is evidence that I’m still alive.”

If you’re going to follow the drama on TV, better prepare your tissue box and hankies for the rest of the coming weeks.  I was crying my eyes out as the story unfolded, giving me a good dose of badly-needed catharsis (the last time was when I watched–for the nth time–Full House! *blush* don’t ask me why…it’s such a long story).  We all need a good cry once in a while. Besides, according to research, crying is a natural process and a great form of stress reliever. But for me, when I have a good cry, I get in touch with my human side. Sometimes when you steel yourself up for work and life’s challenges (especially when you are expected to be objective and uncompromising), you tend to be stoic and unemotionally absent. Watching tearjerkers like 1 Liter can help me do a Spock–to channel my inner human hidden inside my otherwise Vulcan demeanor.  (^.^)

Gryo nishikido oing back to 1 Liter, I could relate with it since I went through a similar crisis– losing a loved one who happened to be my mom. She suffered a stroke at age 51, became paralyzed and was bed-ridden for several months before she passed away a year later (around the same time as the real Aya). It is a difficult ordeal that you wish and pray that no family would ever have to go through.

And I cry most easily when I see grown men weep.  My heart just breaks watching the lovable dad (played well by Jinnai Takanori) shed tears watching his daughter go through the ordeal, knowing there is little that he can do.

Ryou (left) is such a terrific actor, too.  His crying scenes were real and heartfelt.  With his dark looks and emoesque charm, he is one talented actor that will definitely go a long way.

The songs play an important role in the series, too.   We may not know the language but they give the emotional scenes more power to pull even the most stubborn of all heartstrings: Only Human by K (ending theme), Konayuki (Powdered Snow) by Remioromen (Aya and Haruto’s love theme); and March 9, also by Remioromen.  Since it is my LSS of the week, the latter is what I want to share with you, along with the lyrics (English translation can be found here) and song for your sing-along pleasure.  Have a good Catharsis! \(T‿T)/~sniffles~

Sangatsu Kokonoka (March 9)

Nagareru kisetsu no mannaka de
Futo hi no nagasa wo kanjimasu
Sewashiku sugiru hibi no naka ni
Watashi to anata de yume wo egaku
Sangatsu no kaze ni omoi wo nosete
Sakura no tsubomi wa haru he to tsudzukimasu
Afuredasu hikari no tsubu ga
Sukoshizutsu asa wo atatamemasu
Ookina akubi wo shita ato ni
Sukoshi tereteru anata no yoko de
Arata na sekai no iriguchi ni tachi
Kidzuita koto wa hitori ja nai tte koto
Hitomi wo tojireba anata ga
Mabuta no ura ni iru koto de
Dore hodo tsuyoku nareta deshou
Anata ni totte watashi mo sou de aritai
Sunabokori hakobu tsumuji kaze
Sentaku mono ni karamarimasu ga
Hirumae no sora no shiroi tsuki wa
Nan daka kirei de mitoremashita
Umaku wa ikanu koto mo aru keredo
Ten wo aogeba sore sae chiisakute
Aoi sora wa rinto sunde
Hitsuji kumo wa shizuka ni yureru
Hanasaku wo matsu yorokobi wo
Wakachiaeru no de areba sore wa shiawase
Kono saki mo tonari de sotto hohoende
Hitomi wo tojireba anata ga
Mabuta no ura ni iru koto de
Dore hodo tsuyoku nareta deshou
Anata ni totte watashi mo sou de aritai