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(For an update about what happened during NIN’s Aug. 5 concert, click here.)

I don’t listen to pop music nowadays and don’t have the slightest interest to see those international acts who came, sang and went (Rhianna, the 2 Davids-whatever-their-last-names-are, etc.).  So I’m absolutely THRILLED to hear that FINALLY one of my most admired artists is coming to the country before he retires from the face of this planet.

It’s Nine Inch Nails, man! As in, Trent Reznor is comin to town–Aug. 5, 2009 at the Araneta Coliseum! I can’t freakin believe it!  I’ve been following his tourdates and updates on Facebook and Twitter since last year and had been reading all those places around the world that he’d been touring in (it seemed like he’d been performing EVERYWHERE except here) and wishing all those times that he would at least drop by one of these days  (Kahit man lang magpa-gas para sa eroplano!!! langhya naman…) And now, thank God, this wish has been granted!

Ever since I was a dj in a rock radio station in the early 90’s which was the height of NIN and alternative music, I’ve been dreaming about this nin-trent-reznormoment.  Those rock bands have come and laid low but Trent–and Pearl Jam–have always been in my heart. And it’s so wonderful that these guys are still rockin up to now. We may have (ahem*coughs*) matured, softened and mellowed down a bit–but we can still rock the house. \m/

After all these years, you still rock my world, Trent Reznor: All Emo brats and poseurs should KISS his ass and pay their due respects to His Royal Gothliness (right).

This is obviously a once in a lifetime chance so there’s no way I’ll miss this.  Besides, his tour is called “Wave Goodbye” since Reznor plans to make NIN ‘disappear for awhile.’  Maybe to settle down and start a family?trent-reznor-mariqueen-maandig-engaged He had been twittin messages saying he’s so in-luuuuv and that he’s gettin’ married.

Who’s the lucky Pinay?: Trent and fiancee, Mariqueen Maandig (left) a model-babe, and vocalist of a rock band, West Indian Girl, and get this– she’s Filipino-American(!) (i mean, helleerr! pangalan pa lang– Mariqueen–Pinoy na pinoy na).  Hay naku, Trent. Pinay rin lang pala ang hanap mo,  e di sana.. dot dot. Haha.. nevermind!

Here are some more of Reznor’s latest twits for the past 2 days:

I have been sober for 8 years today (where I am). Thanks for letting me share that with you. Proud of that.

Easy: encountering real people in the real world mostly = love. Reading bullshit online from anonymous cowards = hate.

This “being madly in love” thing is weird. Feels bad being apart.

It’s true – I’ve gone soft. Sorry everyone.

Here’s my most fave song from NIN, Closer. Directed by Mark Romanek, one of the best mv directors around. PG ALERT! -> This controversial 1994 mv is disturbing, demonic, and dementedAhh, the good ole days, they don’t make them the way they used to, huh?… *sighs*