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I am a huge fan of the 2005 hit kdorama, Full House, having watched it a number of times (and may do so again!).  And we all know that Richard Gutierrez will portray the role of Lee Young Jae (Justin in the Pinoy dubbed version) in the GMA version soon.  But who will be Han Ji Eun (Jessie)? So far, GMA hasn’t confirmed yet on who will be chosen for the role.  But definitely, whoever gets to have it will be given a big break.

I’m interested to find out what fans think.  Here is a list of actresses for you pinoyfulhausto choose from. The choices were made based on viewers’ feedback from threads which for me, I find a bit surprising.  I included actresses from the other network, too.  If you do not like the choices, and have someone else in mind, leave a comment. Thanks!

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