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Every time, I catch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer showing on AXN Beyond, I am like a deer caught frozen staring at a car’s head lights.  I just stay glued watching the entire episode, even if I have already seen it a gazillion times (I even own a complete dvd set of the series given to me by my friend, sreisaat!). That is because I’m a Buffy fan.

Why will I always love Buffy? Here are the reasons why:

1.  Buffy creator, Joss Whedon is first, and foremost, a genius.

2. Vampires are my childhood fear.  Sparkly or not, I hate them. I also hate weak-willed, pathetic, and clueless female lead characters.  Ergo, I hate Bella and Twilight. And also ergo, I heart Buffy.

buffy3. When E! presented years ago their TV’s Top Guilty Pleasures, I was infuriated along with countless of Buffy fans when our beloved series was included in that list.  It shouldn’t have been considered a GUILTY PLEASURE BECAUSE THERE WAS NO GUILT FEELING WHATSOVER TO BEGIN WITH!  Get your facts straight, E! We were proud of being Buffy Fans. Sure, some fighting scenes with monsters and vampires can be taken as kitsch and campy for some.  But hey, it was MEANT to be kitschy (but not as the same level as Xena – sheeze! Now THAT deserved to be on the list).  Buffy somehow tastefully came into its own – thanks to the riveting story lines, the talented actors that breathed life to the unforgettable characters that they played, the directors’ creative approach, the superb and ingenious script, and of course, the magic touch of Whedon who presided over this fun-filled realm of action-fantasy. Guilty for watching it? NEVER!

4. It doesn’t get old! Even the clothes! Especially Buffy’s outfits.  Cynthia Bergstrom, and all of the show’s costume designers obviously made it a point to choose classic wear so that the show will not get stuck in some outmoded time warp. I mean, the show has ended years ago but people now can still wear most of the outfits that were shown there.  Two of my favorite Buffy-slayerwear include:

09-12-2009_21-27-01 Her classic white blouse that she wore after her second resurrection (from Season 6 “After Life,” at Left)…

09-12-2009_22-09-15…and the sheer lacy top that she had on (and not for long…) when she and Spike did the Bad Thing for the first time (from “Smashed,” at Right):

5. I almost have no favorite episodes. I like them all. But of course, I concur with others that say that Hush, Once More with Feeling, Normal Again, and Forever are some of the truly best ones.  But the one I find truly memorable and that affected me the most was the one directed by Whedon himself – “The Body”.  It was the episode wherein Buffy’s mom died.  Someone mentioned that this episode simply “is more of an experience…cannot be explained… You just have to see it.” I’m telling you again – pure genius, that Whedon guy is. After watching the part wherein Buffy discovered her mom’s body and longwayhomethe scenes that followed thereafter, I cried my eyes out.  It was… totally heartbreaking.

There are many other reasons why I love Buffy.  But I can’t mention them anymore here.  When I underwent a ‘marathon-viewing’ of the dvd set of the series many weekends ago, I admit that I cried all over again when I reached the end.  I never realized how much I miss the Gang, knowing that there will never be anything like it ever again. I miss the fun, the action, the dustings, the laughter, the repartees, the drama, the jargon…

Nowadays, Buffy fans are settling for the Dark Horse comics’ Buffy 8 (left pic) of which I am way behind *sighs*. And of course, hairs on our backs began bristling when rumors circulated that there will be a Buffy movie remake that will star Megan Fox (Sacrilege!). Thankfully, it remains a rumor.

AND! we are thrilled to find out that some Buffy stars are on board Twitter now!  You can’t call yourself a Buffy fan if you’re not following @alydenisof, @amberbenson, @anthonyshead, @emmacaulfield, @elizadushku, @julietlandau, @tomlenk, @nathanfillion, @juliebenz, and @adambuschbuffy3all verified, genuine accounts.  Now if only Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Nicholas Brendon, and Seth Green would only join in… If not, oh well, there are still the occasional reunions and Comic Cons.

Buffy and the Scoobies (right): I miss u guys. Srsly.

When it comes to slaying vampires, Buffy will forever rule. It just is. Period.