On this day…

Naruto Shippuuden’s episode #133 (“The Tale of Jiraiya The Gallant”) was shown in Japan (and worldwide on the net).  With heavy hearts, anime geeks all over the world (including moi) shed tears as we watched this painful episode that showed Jiraiya’s final battle and of his demise.  It is strange to be affected by the death of an animated fictional character but you wouldn’t understand if you haven’t penetrated and dwelled inside this realm called the Narutoverse.

As a way of tribute, here are pix of him I gathered that were made by his fans…

Jiraiya as a little kid… (photo source)

…as the crazy, fun-loving sensei (photo source)

…and as the lovable, dirty old dude that we know so well… (photo source)

As deserving of a great Shinobi, Jiraiya went down fighting and died with his boots on.

We will miss you… Farewell, you big Pervy sage.. *Sniffs*

(last pic source)