Aside from blogging, I also spent part of my leisure time FaceBooking… I like posting links to interesting videos and features especially about art and creative works so I could share them with friends and family.  I just think it would be a waste if I don’t share them as well here.

I found these stop-motion animation videos.  There were a lot of them out there but these were the 3 most interesting works that I found so far. Hope you enjoy them!

3) Run, Little Pink Pig, Run!

This fascinating animation is a bit too long but the fact it was mainly done by only one person using hundreds of pix is admirable enough. Bravo!

2) Pixelized Post-its: Deadline

A group project from some art students using post-its as pixels. Nifty!

1)  Graffiti Animation: MUTO

I like Italian graffiti artist BLU (not as much as Banksy though). But this animation video must have been a lot of hard work for him, considering that he had to work outdoors and under the sun. I know I wouldn’t last that long.

More art finds to come!