It is the season once again for… eating! Food… food everywhere… These were our food trips from October to December 2009:

Pepper Lunch, Alabang: I really enjoy eating there. First time I tasted this was in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2008. It is really a fun concept cooking the food you ordered yourself.  I found it fascinating how it kept on sizzling on the hot iron plate even after quite a considerable time had already passed. Rating: b (^_^) d

Latitudes at Traders Hotel: This was the birthday treat from my bro. “The key to eating in a buffet is to pace yourself.” Ahh, you learn something new everyday. Rating: (^_^) d

Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak in Makati: Pinoy version of Pepper Lunch. Is it a form of copying or emulating? I still believe that one should be original. I don’t know about you but I still prefer PL. Rating: ( ̄ー ̄) d

World of Chicken at Gateway, Cubao: I’ve been coming back to this place and may still continue doing so until I’ve tried all their dishes… The combo I chose above were fried bananas, Spanish rice, and chicken with sweet spicy sauce. Hmm, wonder what my next order would be? Rating: b (^_^) d

Pho Hoa: I love Vietnamese food.  It is not so bad to treat yourself with food like this from time to time. Above pic is my ultra-fave, spring rolls! We also ordered…

Vietnamese beef stew w/ toasted bread

French-pressed coffee (Vietnamese style – super strong and sweet)…… Over-all Rating: \(=^ェ^=)/

Starbucks’ bagel ham sandwich. What can i say? It’s pricey but hey it’s the holidays. Rating: ( ̄ー ̄) d

And for dessert, we found…

White Hat: frozen Italian yogurt which reminds me of our yogurt experiences in the Mountain Province. Sourrific, healthy and good! Rating: b (^_^)

Ice Cream at Pepper Lunch for only 25 pesos! We had caramel and goma (black sesame seeds). I had the latter. At first, it tasted strangely sweet and bitter. But by the time I finished eating it– I realized that I really liked it! Rating: @(^ェ^*)@

Let’s burp our way to the new 2010… til the next food-trippin adventure!