Part of my New Year Resolutions was to start learning to cook new dishes.  That is why I will come up with culinary projects (Western and Asian) that I will feature here in my blog. I already started with our New Year’s Eve dinner…

I made pepper-encrusted steak (recipe here) with roasted broccoli and potatoes (recipe here), and sweet yellow corn with cayenne butter:

I am infatuated with black pepper right now – I sprinkle everything I eat with freshly-ground pepper! It was my first time to cook a steak. I admit I still have a long way to go in choosing the right meats and in preparing it the way the experts do. But this was a great start. Yup! Yup!

New Year, New Hang-out: What’s a good way to start the year than with a night out and lotsa beer? (Grub Bar and Grill, BF Paranaque – Jan. 2010).

In last year’s NY post, I followed some feng shui tips to welcome the New Year as an experiment to see if 2009 will be my lucky year. Did it work? Well, let’s just say I didn’t win the Lotto. Haha! Oh, well…seemed pointless but it was fun. So to usher in 2010, I still prepared a basket of round fruits, placing money in uncooked rice and under my pillow, ate grapes, and opened the windows and doors. Lady Luck, come on in!

Tiger Reigns Supreme: 2010 is Grumba’s year!!!

And for my New Year header pic, it shows me and my pet tiger. How i wish! Haha! I am using one of the pictures showing my hand carefully patting this beautiful white tiger on its back (from my Indonesia tour)… Considering that 2010 is another turning point and a transition year for me, this pic symbolizes bravery, confidence and hope to be able to “tame” this Tiger Year; and make it work to my advantage. Fight? Fight! Rawwwwrrr!

As I said, I may not have won the Lotto in 2009 but everyone I love was safe and still doing great even when unusually strong typhoons came and went.  Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings!

Wishing you all…

a Happy and

Safe New Year!!!