“Because I have to.”

Sometimes, those 4 words are all you need to start kickin’ yourself in the butt to get going…

Just like last year, I started the New Year of 2009 with reflections and a lot of mulling over my plans.  After looking back and rereading that post, I am ashamed to admit that all 3 things I mentioned there did NOT come into fruition. It is soooo embarrassing.

That is why I don’t like mentioning my resolutions or checklists.  You start hating yourself if you can’t follow through. But if I do have to start something, I prefer that no one needs to know about it. Rather than talk about it, I just do it whether it be in a checklist or not. But to publish it here for everyone to see, and not accomplishing any of it in the end? Yikes.

So. Despite my vehemence in coming up with NYRs, I will still do it. Why? Say it with me- It’s because… I have to:

One Step Forward into the New Year: Started my walking program (right pic) to lose these stubborn pounds as part of my NY’s Resolution… again.

1. Losing weight. One of my resolutions last year was to lose weight. Honestly? I really started on an exercise program early last year but had to give it up because I wasn’t losing any pounds. Nevertheless, I jump- started my walking and work-out routine late last year. And I am THRILLED to report that this time it is actually WORKING!  Yay for me!  How many pounds I lost is a topic worth posting some other time.

2. Clean Up! Another NYR from last year was to clean and organize my room, the house, my LIFE! And yes, I wasn’t able to accomplish it. But this time, I FIRMLY resolve to do this once and for all.

3. The Muse is calling! I will go back to drawing and painting. I do plan on going back to the arts someday; I might as well start little by little. Be showing my works here soon. That’s a promise!

4. What else is cooking? I mentioned in my previous post that I will start cooking more this year.  I am no expert in the kitchen but I am so tired of drooling over those dishes I see being prepared at the Asian Food Channel, Travel and Living, etc.  My culinary plans are already underway so I’m not worried about this. Actually, I’m already having fun!

Post Script: Anything related to my studies, I will not mention anymore. If it comes, it comes. It may happen this year or the next, I cannot tell but definitely I will finish my master’s degree... Because I have to.