I’ve been slacking off! Yes, I admit it.

I didn’t write for three months because I became addicted to Jdoramas (I mean, more so than before) that starred this actor below:

Those eyes… Got. To. Turn. Away…

Hiroshi Abe has bewitched me into watching unending marathons of his drama shows day after day.  And i still can’t get enough.. Oh, what have i become? *facepalm*

Now, I am ok. No need for an intervention. I have sworn off jdoramas for the meantime.  I have to get my act together.  I know that now.

Yes, I am updating my blog as of now.  Articles may be posted from October to Dec. but actually they’re quite late already – written in January 2010.  Oh, well, that’s just between you and me, k? 😉

Who is Abe-chan? Click this and find out!