My first Sunday Lunch Project, I admit, was off to a shaky start.

I attempted to cook using leftover ingredients from our New Year dinner – lemons and thyme. Googling these words up in search of a recipe and among the choices that came up, I opted for this one: Lemon-Thyme Roasted Chicken (recipe here).

I was not fully satisfied with my first SLP. It tasted kind of bland. It may be that I did not put too much salt or lemon juice or thyme. Or maybe the produce I bought was of inferior quality. Or maybe it was because of my non-existent taste buds.

SLP#1: My feeble attempt to cook Lemon-Thyme Roasted Chicken (left). Hmm. Should it be on its back or stomach?

Good thing I did not have any guests for lunch on this day. lol! Nevertheless, I wasn’t disheartened. I can’t expect it to be an over-night success.  I could see that this was going to be a long learning experience, and would take a lot of hits-and-misses.

Looking at the picture of the chicken dish with its neck sticking out like that… Dang, I am SUCH a novice. lol! I think I may also have to start practicing the rudiments of food photography. I also should get new attractive plates to put my dishes in. And probably new place mats as well. And a new apron. And maybe even a new dslr camera…

Oh, no… What did I get myself into?

So, for my Lemon – Thyme Roasted Chicken. Was it a Hit or Miss?

Answer: Definitely a Miss. But no worries… there are still many Sundays to come. 🙂

Next for Sunday Lunch Project:  SLP# 2 – Yakiniku!