My Sunday Lunch Project officially starts today. Yup. You guessed it. If you think that this is another non-cook’s corny attempt to become a chef-wannabe… you’re absolutely right! Haha! Man, don’t hate me for trying… (^_^) v

It is not like I have a lot of time in my hands. And I am no domestic diva. But having a project and learning to do new things like cooking are ways to exercise creativity and big picture skills (planning, foresight, time management, etc.). Putting oneself to personal challenges can also be beneficial to one’s emotional and mental health.  But it would be best if a project like this doesn’t take over your life and become an overwhelming obsession.

Therefore, in this food project, it is important to set rules and expectations for myself to prevent things from getting out of hand, and these are:

  • I will TRY to cook a strange, new recipe (since I am a non-cook, every recipe sounds strange to me) for Sunday lunch.
  • Every Sunday Lunch Project may be a simple salad or a full blown meal (it all depends on the budget).
  • I will NOT attempt to follow a deadline (I have enough other pressures to worry about and I don’t need another one).
  • Even if I call it a Sunday Lunch, it doesn’t mean I am obligated to cook EVERY Sunday (again, no pressure for me).
  • I will NOT make this into a Food Blog or come up with a separate Food Blog (this is all personal – a personal mission in a personal blog).
  • Entries for The Sunday Lunch Project can be integrated with my other food project, The FooDorama Challenge.
  • I would like to point out that I am not alone in the kitchen and that it doesn’t hurt to receive a little assistance from another person (like in cutting onions, for example).
  • Lastly, I MUST have fun (if it’s not fun anymore, then I will stop).

So. Here we go…

My first ever Sunday Lunch Project #1: Lemon Thyme Roasted Chicken