The FooDorama Challenge!: I watch it, I try it.

Mmm, Tasty: I heart Abe-san & jdorama food! (left)

Since many Japanese dramas (jdoramas) also feature food in their scenes, I’ve decided to mesh together my addiction for jdoramas and interest in Japanese food with a project called The FooDorama Challenge! (or FDC).

I’ve noticed that the Japanese would make it a point to mention or show a Japanese dish in a scene or two in their drama shows regardless whether it has a connection with the story or not (most of the time – not).  They obviously take pride in their dishes, and it maybe a strategy to sucker us in and make us WANT to go crazy and scream: “That’s enough! I wanna have that, too!

And yes, I got sucked in. However, I also see it as… well… educational. Through watching jdoramas, I get to know about their customs and traditional dishes a lot more than before. Pinoy tv dramas could learn a thing or two about this, as well.

What is The FooDorama Challenge? As a way of explaining, here are the rules and expectations for this project:

  • I watch a jdorama show.
  • If I find it interesting, I will try a dish mentioned in the show (or shows).
  • If the recipe is feasible (ingredients, time, budget, or equipment –wise) then I will prepare it myself.
  • If it is not possible for me to make it – then, I will look for it in a resto and order it.
  • Or I could do both – make it AND order it (it’s for additional research, you see :))
  • My entries for FooDorama Challenge can be integrated with my other food project, The Sunday Lunch Project.
  • Again, this is not a Food Blog or a jdorama blog – it is and always will be a personal blog.
  • Lastly, since this may be too limiting, it doesn’t have to be strictly a jdorama or exclusively about Japanese recipes. It could be any dish or  show or movie. But majority of my posts for the FooDorama Challenge will be inspired by jdoramas.

And to start the ball rolling, my first entry for FDC is also my Sunday Lunch Project#2:

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