Note: This is a continuation of Part 1:

Even if I was born in Quezon City this was my first time to visit the the city’s Memorial Circle

The Circle also has a rappelling wall for the adventurous types.  It is located near the covered court.

Food Tripping at the Circle: The Circle has stores and several small restaurant and cafes.  The newly built facility (above) leads to a courtyard that features established restaurants for the finicky eaters.

Fresh buko (coconut) – pandan juice to help squelch the heat for only Php10.

Lunch at Sunglasses Café: Teriyaki Pork Rice at Php 88 with bottomless melon juice at Php20. Rating: (+_-)

Dessert at Coconut House: ube-banana turon (fritters) in coconut-caramel sauce, topped with nangka at Php55 and hot cocoa-nut drink (chocolate with a bit of coconut milk) also at Php55. Rating: (-_^) d

And the reason why I came to the Circle in the first place was to watch Lev (in blue armor) win his taekwondo matches – 3 in a row! Woo-hoo! Congratulations, Lev!

Lev and his gold medal (right). Way to go, buddy!

Parting Shot: All in all, the park seemed a good alternative place for families and barkadas to hang out in than the usual malls.  I hope they plant more trees for there seems to be a lack of shade for them to seek shelter from the heat of the sun. I suggest the QC government (if they could still possibly guard them) put up more public sculptures that could be modern and functional (for example, decorative artistic benches, gazebos, and slides). People get a big kick out of that and would usually pose and take souvenir pictures.  Still, kudos for its upkeep – for the people of QC, you should be proud and continue to take care of it for not all of us have city parks (mine included) that is even a tiny fraction of what you have.

QC Circle info source: wikipedia