This is a continuation of Weekend Rush in Cebu:

Camiguin was a place I’ve longed to visit for, let’s see… I guess, ten years now. I’ve heard a lot about this island that I inevitably included it in my bucket list as one of my must-see Philippine destinations…

After arriving in CDO, we took the Paras Sea Cat ship at CDO Port. The ship is clean and comfy.  Plus the crew is friendly and helpful, too. We left the port at 8:30 am.

At 10:45 am, we finally arrived! Passing through Macajalar Bay and into Bohol Sea, we finally caught a glimpse of this emerald island called Camiguin. Woo-hoo! (Pic courtesy of Amih)

There are many resorts, cottages, and “homestay” arrangements  in the island. Paguia Cottages is where we stayed. Here, you can rent affordable cottages that are like small houses – each having an airconditioned bedroom and kitchen. It is located in Lumbing, Mambajao.

It would be a good idea if you hire a driver cum island guide to show you around. Ours was Mang Dendo (above) with his handy-dandy yellow multi-cab.

There were not a lot of great places to eat in Camiguin. For lunch, we settled for Kan-Anan sa Parola which was relatively ok. They also sell the famous VJandep pastel (coffee buns) of Camiguin.

Going up the road to the falls…

First stop: Katibawasan Falls (Entrance fee: Php20). It was so tall, its entirety didn’t fit inside our cameras’ viewfinder… so I had to crop and clumsily attach the images together…puede na!

We loved Katibawasan Falls! We had a great time swimming and admiring the view which was really breath-taking! And the water was cold and refreshing. Wished we could stay longer but had other places to visit though…

Having a crunchy snack at the Falls: kiping (wafer made of rice paste) topped with sugary coconut syrup being sold for Php11.

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