Note: This is a continuation of Part 4 - Daybreak at White Island.

We left Camiguin today for CDO. We were off to have an afternoon of white water river rafting adventure

CDO, here we go! We reached CDO’s Balingoan Port at 9:20 am, and took a comfortable airconditioned bus ride to CDO City (Fare = Php135).

After checking in at a small hotel in CDO, we were fetched by the Kagay river guides who took us to the starting point somewhere in Bukidnon. We received some briefing and undertook a practice run first before we started with the actual rafting.

In nervous anticipation (left). Our group got divided into two teams for all of us will not fit in one raft.

A Kagay photographer took hundreds of pix during the rafting using a waterproof Pentax Vios W60.  Here are Jonjon’s sample action shots:

No more practice… this is it!

Oh, no… step on the brakes!?!



Still alive… High Five!

Pausing to admire the beautiful CDO River…

Oh, no…here we go again! Weeeh!

It was a thrill! Despite the current El Niño phenomenon, the river didn’t disappoint us. And we were lucky the water looked clean and clear (and wasn’t ‘brownish’) on this day. Thanks to the Kagay people for making this possible… it was truly worth it…

By the end of our little rafting adventure, we were already tired and hungry. Time was short so we had to make use of what little was left…

Up next: Going Home…

For more information on CDO's White Water River Rafting,
you can click on Kagay's website here. :)