This year, I stayed home for the Holy Week. Not that I’m complaining.  I actually needed a break from… well, everything else.

It was a quiet, restful week.  I didn’t go out but we did make a fast trip to the supermarket to ‘hoard in’ on some grocery items since shops will be closed for two days (Maundy Thursday and Holy Friday). I used this break to chill and to experiment with food recipes.

I’m starting to learn to relax when it comes to cooking and not be so uptight with the recipe instructions and amount of ingredients to put in.  I am also learning to use more of the unappetizing leftovers and put to use those dormant jars and bottles of oils, spices, etc. that I bought for some long-forgotten recipe. 🙂

Since it was the Holy Week, we were on a healthy vegetable and seafood diet so I took time to use whatever we had in the fridge and shelves.

Garden Salad (actually these were leftover veggies from the fridge: lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, & carrots). I added homemade croutons wherein I used forgotten stale pandesal or Pinoy round bread which I drizzled with olive oil and toasted in the toaster oven ~~~b(^-^) ~yum!~.   For a healthy dressing, I used honey, mustard, and olive oil (that have been sitting in my shelf for ages).

Badly-sliced Tuna Sashimi, anyone? lol! Since I forgot to buy wasabi, I searched for a great alternative dressing on the net. And what i found was Chef Wayne Nish‘s recipe of soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil, sesame seeds and chives (in this case – onion springs) and it was delish!

I also experimented with Seafood Okonomiyaki: leftover squid (from our dinner last night) and crabsticks from last week’s goi buoi. I added canned tuna, cukes, carrots, garlic chives and chopped cabbage. Mix them all up with one egg, 1/4 cup of flour, and bit of water and salt to make a pancake batter.

Okonomiyaki is fried like a pancake on both sides. I put tonkatsu sauce on it, and mayo, along with aonori (seaweed flakes) and katsubuoshi (bonito flakes).

Okonomiyaki is best served hot and freshly cooked so it is best eaten straight from the pan or griddle.  For more on okonomiyaki click here.

Have a restful and meaningful Holy Week.

†┏┛教会┗┓† (^人^ (^人^ )