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The FooDorama Challenge: I Watch it, I Try it!

AjaAja~Fighting!! \(o^-^)尸~”☆ミ☆ミ

Kdrama Inspiration: Full House

Based on a Korean comic novel (or manhwa), Full House is a very popular drama first aired from July to Sept. of 2004 on KBS2.  The 16 episode romance/drama starred Rain as Lee Young Jae and Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun.  Both characters coming from different worlds somehow met, clash, and eventually agreed on a one-year contract marriage with terms and conditions that may benefit both.  The deal was that she (a down-on-her-luck aspiring writer) will get her house back while he (a famous actor) uses this marriage to spite the woman who had continued to ignore his affections. The story then unfolds as the two struggle to keep their deal (as well as their growing feelings for each other) a secret.

Full House is so far my most favorite Korean drama, though I don’t get to watch a lot of kdramas since I prefer jdoramas for their fast-paced, and shorter story lines.  There is something about Full House that gets to me – cheesy yet adorable; funny yet painful to watch especially those heart-tugging crying scenes of both Rain and Hye Kyo; and that rare unique chemistry and perfect casting of the two lead actors.  The beautiful beach house (where most of the story was shot) is said to be the third most important lead ‘character’ in the story and I agree.

The house (at left) was the “MacGuffin” (the defining aspect) in the story and that in itself made it come alive – quietly watching over the two characters – maybe even chuckling at their petty squabbles like a wizened grand patriarch.

There was a Pinoy version of Full House (it was terrible!) shown on GMA network last year.  One of its faults (among many) was that it failed to recognize the significance of the house (as a ‘character’) completely ignoring it, thereby our local version lacked charm and depth… it was – to be put it bluntly – ‘dumb-sized’ to fit the masses… hay naku. Don’t bother if you can’t deliver, will ya? Grr! .\/.

Kdrama Food: Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a well-known Korean dish that simply means “mixed rice.”  It is made with various sauteed and seasoned vegetables and chili pepper paste (gochujang) mixed together with warm white rice.  One can add an egg and meat if desired.  If curry rice is the dish frequently served in jdoramas, I think bibimbap (along with kimchi) is the most common dish being eaten (and with so much spicy gusto!) by characters in kdramas.

The FooD0rama Connection: In episode 7, Ji Eun (Hye Kyo) makes and eats bibimbap as Young Jae (Rain) looks at it with half- scorn and half-playfulness, calling it ‘dog food.’

But eventually… When his ‘cook’ (Ji Eun) wasn’t around, Young Jae mixes up left-overs from the fridge and makes himself some bibimbap, too. But Ji Eun arrives and catches him eating what he just derisively called dog food.

“Aigoo! Why are your arms so long?” 🙂 This cute scene is one of my faves: In his surprise and embarrassment at being caught by Ji Eun, he choked on his food, numbing his right side and so gets an arm massage from his young ‘wife.’

Ji Eun’s big bowl of Bibimbap: rice mixed with pickles, kimchi, beef, gochujang, etc. in a metal bowl.

The FooDorama Challenge: Finally my own Bibimbap!

I think I ordered bibimbap in a Korean resto before but I hardly remember how it tasted like.  I’ve seen it being served in other kdramas (the bibimbap scene in My Lovely Kim Sam-Soon was absolutely mouth-watering) many times so I promised myself that I will get to have something like that at home someday.

There are 2 ways to make bibimbap – the formal way when serving guests (sauteeing and presenting each ingredient before mixing) and the simple way (just throw in a bowl whatever’s in the fridge and mix them all up).  I decided to try out the formal way first.

One can choose any ingredient. I chopped up vegetables into strips or julienne style.

You also need chili pepper paste or gochujang which is available in SM supermarkets.

The ingredients were seasoned with salt, and separately sauteed in sesame oil.  Afterwards, I placed them on a tray so my lunch companions can get the ones they like for their bibimbap: shiitake mushrooms, carrots, cukes, and bean sprouts (not in picture: spinach and ground beef).

Bibimbap for FDC#11 is done!: You can present it like this for your guests (and for yourself).  In the center, I put a fried egg (sunny side-up) on top of white rice. The ingredients are placed around it so the colors are presented in a visually appealing manner. Garnished with sesame seeds and served with gochujang paste and sesame oil.

My bibimbap all mixed up: Dog food? Of course not! 🙂  But with all those carbs, I’m just wondering why they say this was the diet food of Gwyneth Paltrow. I placed a few amount of gochujang since I do not want it to be too spicy. Still, the smell of sesame oil and chili paste lingered in my breath hours after I ate. Nevertheless, it was good! I just wish I had a stone bowl so it can keep on warming the rice while I eat… Or a metallic bowl so I could make-believe I’m in a korean drama scene – lol!

Aja! Aja!… In the following days, I still made bibimbap but in the informal way – using leftover food.  The spiciness can really make you want to eat more though so I was careful not to over-eat.  It was still fun and delicious!!!

…Fighting!: How about you? What drama do you think has the best bibimbap scene? Click on this poll and vote!

P.S… Special thanks to my guest ‘chef’ for this FDC post – PawPaw! xoxo

~letssing! ♩♫♬(● ̄(ェ) ̄●)PapaBear ♡ ( ̄(エ) ̄) MamaBear ♡ (ó㉨ò) BabyBear♩♫♬

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Dish info source: wikipedia
Recipe source: foodnetwork
Kdrama info source: wikipedia
Full House photo credits: KBS2
Shooting location photo credit: visitkorea

The days have been so mercilessly hot and humid. Living in a tropical climate all my life would make me think that I could take this summer beating but this is somewhat too plain much!  After going through all those rains and floods last year, now this?

The unbearable heat leaves you drained of energy – move an inch, and you’re already shedding buckets of sweat! ハッ!(`ロ´ ; )  Sure there is an AC at my place of work, but it’s the Holy Week break (yahoo!) so I’m at home now.  My unreliable AC can’t fight off the heat in my room. During the hottest part of the day (10 am to 4 pm) I can’t help but lie down and sleep off the heat.  Ugh! huhuhu!

But summer has its perks: fruits like mangoes, melons, avocado, and watermelons are cheaper and abundant; tropical flowers like our fiery fuchsia bougainvillea seem to be thriving in this unusual dry spell; since school is out, there’s less traffic jams, and of course, summer means BEACH OUTINGS!

Last Sunday, we had our company outing at Laiya, Batangas.  I brought along my best bud, Levlev.  I’ve been going to Laiya every summer since 2004  (except last year though 😦 ). It’s my most favorite beach (even topping Boracay in my list) so far…

Located in San Juan in Batangas, Laiya is a three hour drive from Manila.  The beach is clean, and has no dangerous waves… great for kayaking.

Casa Remo was where we stayed.  It is reasonably priced and has small apartelles and one big house (above) with plenty of rooms.  It is not beside the beach though, so you have to walk a short distance to get to it.

Palm Sunday 2010: we celebrated mass at White Cove Resort.

Early Monday morning, we woke up to make use of the time left… swim to our hearts’ content!

Watcha waitin’ for? Ligo naaaah! Woo-hoo!

I♡♡♡  Laiya, forevah! \(♡´∀`♡ )/ If only this is the view that greets me when I look outside my house.  Sighs.

if not, then, i’m praying for the rains to come soon…*fingerscrossed*

~pls Lord umulan na sana~ (^人^ ) 雨乞いをする

The first time I saw model turned actor, Hiroshi Abe was in that butt-kickin’ Thai martial arts movie, Chocolate (released in Japan as “Chocolate Fighter”) playing a role of Yakuza leader, Masashi. Then I saw him again in the Japanese movie, Aoi Tori as the mild-mannered teacher, Murauchi.  But I didn’t realize it then that they were the same actor until I researched about it.

That’s how Hiroshi Abe is.  Despite his tall frame and dark looks, he has a subtle, almost relaxing aura of gentleness about him. You fail to notice him at first but eventually that understated and elegant charm would quietly sneak up on you and before you know it you have become a fan for life.

I’ve seen him perform all kinds of roles – he can be dark and dangerous in one show and outright silly in another. Even in dramas where he has a minor role, his presence alone can make the shows worthwhile to watch. He does have a few shows with him as the major star (he needs more!), I’ve noticed that he chooses his projects well and that they haven’t disappointed me so far.

Among my favorites are: Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, At Home Dad, My Little Chef, Shiroi Haru, Change, Dragon Zakura, Tenchijin, and movies like Glorious Team Batista.

Here is my screen shot collection of Abe-chan’s roles, proving his versatility as an actor (the reason why he is such a dream catch for any casting director in Japan) and just like fine wine, he gets to look better and better every year:

In his most popular role as the paranormal skeptic, Jiro Ueda in the “Trick” TV and movie series (2000 – still ongoing).

As the gourmet restaurant owner with impeccable taste, Kensaku Tachibana (My Little Chef, 2002)

As advertising director, Kazuyuki Yamamura, forced to swallow his manly pride to take on the domestic role of an At Home Dad (2005).

Abe-chan as the eccentric, introverted architect, Shinsuke Kuwano in Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (2006).

The serious lawyer Kenji Sakuragi on a mission in Dragon Zakura (2006). Take note of the Boracay poster at the back.

With actress, Yuko Takeuchi, he plays Keisuke Shiratori in the medical drama/whodunnnit movie, Team Batista No Eiko (The Glorious Team Batista, 2008).

As the down-on-his-luck, former conman, Haruo Sakura in Shiroi Haru (2009), he is forced to take on odd jobs such as a traffic aide.

As Uesugi Kenshin, the powerful daimyo of 16th century Japan (Tenchijin, 2009-ongoing)

In the Thai action flick and international hit, Chocolate (2009) as a Yakuza gang boss, Masashi

This is his latest role as Akiyama Yoshifuru in the period drama, Saka no Ue no Kumo (Cloud on a Hill, 2009-ongoing) with “Departures” actor, Motoki Masahiro.

And finally, for his fans, feast your eyes on Abe Hiroshi as his glorious, 6’2″ self, clad from head to foot in Dolce & Gabbana on the March 2010 cover of Uomo (Japanese edition):

私は、阿部寛愛しています! Sigh! V (^_^=)

(Note: Click soundcloud below for heightened reading pleasure):


Every time, I catch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer showing on AXN Beyond, I am like a deer caught frozen staring at a car’s head lights.  I just stay glued watching the entire episode, even if I have already seen it a gazillion times (I even own a complete dvd set of the series given to me by my friend, sreisaat!). That is because I’m a Buffy fan.

Why will I always love Buffy? Here are the reasons why:

1.  Buffy creator, Joss Whedon is first, and foremost, a genius.

2. Vampires are my childhood fear.  Sparkly or not, I hate them. I also hate weak-willed, pathetic, and clueless female lead characters.  Ergo, I hate Bella and Twilight. And also ergo, I heart Buffy.

buffy3. When E! presented years ago their TV’s Top Guilty Pleasures, I was infuriated along with countless of Buffy fans when our beloved series was included in that list.  It shouldn’t have been considered a GUILTY PLEASURE BECAUSE THERE WAS NO GUILT FEELING WHATSOVER TO BEGIN WITH!  Get your facts straight, E! We were proud of being Buffy Fans. Sure, some fighting scenes with monsters and vampires can be taken as kitsch and campy for some.  But hey, it was MEANT to be kitschy (but not as the same level as Xena – sheeze! Now THAT deserved to be on the list).  Buffy somehow tastefully came into its own – thanks to the riveting story lines, the talented actors that breathed life to the unforgettable characters that they played, the directors’ creative approach, the superb and ingenious script, and of course, the magic touch of Whedon who presided over this fun-filled realm of action-fantasy. Guilty for watching it? NEVER!

4. It doesn’t get old! Even the clothes! Especially Buffy’s outfits.  Cynthia Bergstrom, and all of the show’s costume designers obviously made it a point to choose classic wear so that the show will not get stuck in some outmoded time warp. I mean, the show has ended years ago but people now can still wear most of the outfits that were shown there.  Two of my favorite Buffy-slayerwear include:

09-12-2009_21-27-01 Her classic white blouse that she wore after her second resurrection (from Season 6 “After Life,” at Left)…

09-12-2009_22-09-15…and the sheer lacy top that she had on (and not for long…) when she and Spike did the Bad Thing for the first time (from “Smashed,” at Right):

5. I almost have no favorite episodes. I like them all. But of course, I concur with others that say that Hush, Once More with Feeling, Normal Again, and Forever are some of the truly best ones.  But the one I find truly memorable and that affected me the most was the one directed by Whedon himself – “The Body”.  It was the episode wherein Buffy’s mom died.  Someone mentioned that this episode simply “is more of an experience…cannot be explained… You just have to see it.” I’m telling you again – pure genius, that Whedon guy is. After watching the part wherein Buffy discovered her mom’s body and longwayhomethe scenes that followed thereafter, I cried my eyes out.  It was… totally heartbreaking.

There are many other reasons why I love Buffy.  But I can’t mention them anymore here.  When I underwent a ‘marathon-viewing’ of the dvd set of the series many weekends ago, I admit that I cried all over again when I reached the end.  I never realized how much I miss the Gang, knowing that there will never be anything like it ever again. I miss the fun, the action, the dustings, the laughter, the repartees, the drama, the jargon…

Nowadays, Buffy fans are settling for the Dark Horse comics’ Buffy 8 (left pic) of which I am way behind *sighs*. And of course, hairs on our backs began bristling when rumors circulated that there will be a Buffy movie remake that will star Megan Fox (Sacrilege!). Thankfully, it remains a rumor.

AND! we are thrilled to find out that some Buffy stars are on board Twitter now!  You can’t call yourself a Buffy fan if you’re not following @alydenisof, @amberbenson, @anthonyshead, @emmacaulfield, @elizadushku, @julietlandau, @tomlenk, @nathanfillion, @juliebenz, and @adambuschbuffy3all verified, genuine accounts.  Now if only Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Nicholas Brendon, and Seth Green would only join in… If not, oh well, there are still the occasional reunions and Comic Cons.

Buffy and the Scoobies (right): I miss u guys. Srsly.

When it comes to slaying vampires, Buffy will forever rule. It just is. Period.

smallribbonIf John C. was the celebrity I had been worshipping since I was a tweener, Trent Reznor was the rock god I have adored since I was in my young twenties.  I remember when I was a DJ in a rock station, I would play his music using my own CD that I bought from the store.  Since the songs were unedited or unapproved by the programmer (meaning – not fit to play on air), I had to resort to bleeping those nasty four-letter words in the lyrics myself while they were playing on air (*sighs*—those were good times…) even at the risk of bringing on the ire of the ntc or my boss.  I did it because of my love for Trent and his music…  But as time passed, from a rocking dj, I moved on to a more conservative job and lifestyle.  Also, my taste in music changed and mellowed.  But my infatuation with Trent remained.   What sets him apart from other screaming rockers was his unique voice. His gut-wrenching screams and howls were heartfelt and real.  The belief and conviction in his lyninmanilarics and music were still there.  He wasn’t giving you b*llsh*t.  It wasn’t all flash and show.  He was real and sincere, and in that sense, he was deeply respected and admired by the old fans who remained loyal and by the newer generation as well.

NIN rockin in Manila (right)

So when I heard that NIИ would be having a concert in Araneta Coliseum on august 5, the rockgirl in me rose from its deep slumber. I immediately sprang into action and bought the necessary ticket.  I wasn’t going to hesitate to buy the seats close to the stage.  This was said to be the farewell concert tour, it has to be now or never.  It is not every day (or every year even!) that such a legendary act like NIИ comes to our humble shores – we are always being bypassed and ignored for other affluent Asian nations.

How was it? I’ll cut the story short.  The place wasn’t packed but it was ok. We had a blast6248_1180422103047_1002990736_30595476_5832540_n and worth every centavo! Trent sang a lot of new unfamiliar songs but the ‘classics’ were there – Downward Spiral, Hurt, Closer, Afraid of Americans, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like a Hole…  and even if a lot of songs were unfamiliar, we were absolutely thrilled.  Our mouths agape almost the whole time… couldn’t freaking believe that The Awesome Man in Black was finally here… in our midst… watching him sing! Water bottles were thrown plus mic stands, guitars… Trent even threw his tambourine to a lucky person in the audience (“Ay? Panu naman kami!”)!

The Awesome Man in Black (left): I was seated at the far right of the stage. Good view. Pero sensya na. I took countless of pix but only a few shots came out well.

The next day, my friends asked me how it was. I just couldn’t describe it well enough. I was still at a loss for words… then I guess the best way to 6248_1180421903042_1002990736_30595472_2182958_ndescribe it was (ahem! kids, cover your eyes first): “It was like great sex!” Basta, yun na yun… haha! It was full of high energy, dripping with dark sexy testosterone… Ibang klase talaga magrakrakan ang mga kano.

But then, I also watched the 1995 Manila concert of Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, and Sonic Youth — NIИ was never anything like that… which only meant – ibang klase talaga rumakrak si Treznor!

Treznor waves goodbye (right): No, don’t retire yet, Trent. We can’t live without you, man…

As I said, I do have pix but they’re not worth posting (only worth looking at by me) so I’ll just repost pix from nin’s website. These following pix were taken by NIИ’s art director, Rob Sheridan. Click on the pix and they will lead you to their website:


Hello, SEXY BEAST! Trent sings Heresy… He screams, yells, and sweats profusely…


“Help me… I broke apart my insides!”


Final encore song was HURT: this is the SOP concert moment wherein we hold up the customary lighters and lit up cellphones with matching swaying swaying…You can see my lit Nokia at the far left.  Ano ba. Of course I’m kiddin…

BTW, those 3 pix can also be found in nin’s wp blog.

Thank you, Trent for including us in your NIИ’s Wave Goodbye Asian Tour 2009.  We will surely won’t forget this… ever! It was superbly … asteeeg!

smallribbonI first saw John Cusack in Better Off Dead.  From that moment on, I was instantly smitten.  He was funny and had that goofy, likeable charm that easily translates to a dependable bestfriend-cute boyfriend material.  And he wasn’t a bad actor, taking his craft seriously—the fact that he survived the 80’s Brat Pack was let alone a big feat, for while the careers of his contemporaries stumbled and faltered – his saw smooth sailing with occasional minor bumps along the way.  He can play the Hollywood game but he can pretty much steer his own ship, too.  He valued his privacy—something that I find truly cool and which I unconsciously emulated —one’s private life is his own business and not yours. He is not the type who would kiss and tell (especially about his current paramours) which I find extremely classy and manly.  But we do know he is loyal to his family and friends – making sure to include them in his successes, happiness, and plans.  And johnqsackhe’s obviously smart, too.  He is very vocal and genuinely concerned about real issues – political and social.  He just doesn’t do the talk he does them, too.  And unlike other celebrities, he does them without so much fanfare.  Can you blame me for sticking by him – through thick and thin?  There’s this FB group (of which of course I am a member) whose name sums it all up– “All Men Pale in Comparison to John Cusack.”

Just like any other normal fan – I look him up from time to time on the web but only for the purpose of getting some updates (e.g. imdb) and ‘stalk’ him in the typical kind of way – not the freaky kind.  There’s not much info on him though – I mean compared to uberstars like Pitt and Clooney.  He does have his blog in Huffington Post and his myspace site but there was no possible chance of any sort of interaction that I was wishing for.  So his recent forte into the twitterverse was something I rejoiced about (Twitter, love na kita– srsly grabe!).

Thanks to actor/comedian, Rob Corddry whose account I was following before John’s. Rob C. outed John’s supposedly ‘secret’ twittername with the tweet, “This is proof Screwheads. Cusack is @shockozulu. Now can we talk about something else? http://twitpic.com/9urha (You see, during that time, Rob and John were wrapping up their latest movie, “Hot Tub Time Machine”— yes, no joke, that is the actual title– in Vancouver so I do know that it was all legit).  I immediately checked it out and much to my utter delight – he was twitting back to his followers!

His tweets were typically Cusack—quick, manic and cryptic most of the time; reflective, cool and savvy on some days.  And so what if he was a bad speller (which was a surprising new thing I found out about him – dysgraphia?), it didn’t bother him… which was cool by me. Right away, I sent him messages, hoping I could get one in return.  He could be generous one day and stingy the next with his retweets.  It was clear to me that this wasn’t going to be easy.

I learned that the best time to get a retweet was when you catch him on-line.  However, I couldn’t get an opening. A lot of his fans—including me– were all vying for his attention.  And not only that, I also couldn’t catch a break — either I’m the one who was busy working or sleeping every time he was twitting or he was the one asleep when it was my turn to tweet.  He preferred to reply to quotes or tweets about Hunter T., politics and social issues (or whatever catches his whim at that moment).  But I can’t pretend that I know anything about those. That would be so fake. I didn’t want to beg either.  Or act like an annoying troll (which some pathetic losers resort into doing) to force an angry retweet out of him (lesson learned, read Trent Reznor’s bitter twitter experience).  I just have to do what I can by being myself.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to give up. My motto became Operation Qsack: No Retweet, No Surrender!

Then, one sad day, three days after Cory died, I finally got a chance.  The timing was perfect.  We were both finally on-line at the same time. He was then twitting about presidents (US’ Bill C. and Mexico’s).  I tweeted about what I was feeling at that time. Seconds later, this was what I got:


Aug. 4, 2009: JC sends his condolences via twitter…

My eyes brimmed with tears reading his 6 words.  Even if it wasn’t much, even if he already shifted his attention elsewhere, and to another fan’s twit, it was enough for me.  It was consoling at a time of grief.  It made me feel better.  Like hitting a small jackpot lotto prize.  Yay!

Now that this was over, one short term goal has finally been ticked off.  And as I told my friend sreisaat, “I can now move on with my life.” Haha!

Thanks, John.  You don’t know how much this means to someone like me. Really. And I know it might be a one in a million chance… um, ok, come to think of it — with the help of tags… make that one in a hundred thousand chance for you to be reading this but hey, who knows, right? Dreams CAN come true!

BTW, did I mention that I sooo love you, Twitter? I did but I’ll say it again- I heart Twitter! Thank you so much for making this fangirl super-duper happy!

Up next: An awesome experience with Trent Reznor!


Well, what do you know? Weeks later I got a second retweet from JC… click here to read about it.  😀

PS. For personal reasons, there may be times my twitter account maybe on lockdown.  If it is,  sorry! I may change also my account in the near future… but I haven’t decided yet so.  Whatev. 🙂

I better post something that doesn’t have anything to do with jdoramas or else this personal blog will be mistaken for a themed blog.  (I AM kinda thinkin’ of setting up an extension themed blog for my jdorama posts though but with my limited time–naah! I don’t think that is feasible as of this moment…):


(For an update about what happened during NIN’s Aug. 5 concert, click here.)

I don’t listen to pop music nowadays and don’t have the slightest interest to see those international acts who came, sang and went (Rhianna, the 2 Davids-whatever-their-last-names-are, etc.).  So I’m absolutely THRILLED to hear that FINALLY one of my most admired artists is coming to the country before he retires from the face of this planet.

It’s Nine Inch Nails, man! As in, Trent Reznor is comin to town–Aug. 5, 2009 at the Araneta Coliseum! I can’t freakin believe it!  I’ve been following his tourdates and updates on Facebook and Twitter since last year and had been reading all those places around the world that he’d been touring in (it seemed like he’d been performing EVERYWHERE except here) and wishing all those times that he would at least drop by one of these days  (Kahit man lang magpa-gas para sa eroplano!!! langhya naman…) And now, thank God, this wish has been granted!

Ever since I was a dj in a rock radio station in the early 90’s which was the height of NIN and alternative music, I’ve been dreaming about this nin-trent-reznormoment.  Those rock bands have come and laid low but Trent–and Pearl Jam–have always been in my heart. And it’s so wonderful that these guys are still rockin up to now. We may have (ahem*coughs*) matured, softened and mellowed down a bit–but we can still rock the house. \m/

After all these years, you still rock my world, Trent Reznor: All Emo brats and poseurs should KISS his ass and pay their due respects to His Royal Gothliness (right).

This is obviously a once in a lifetime chance so there’s no way I’ll miss this.  Besides, his tour is called “Wave Goodbye” since Reznor plans to make NIN ‘disappear for awhile.’  Maybe to settle down and start a family?trent-reznor-mariqueen-maandig-engaged He had been twittin messages saying he’s so in-luuuuv and that he’s gettin’ married.

Who’s the lucky Pinay?: Trent and fiancee, Mariqueen Maandig (left) a model-babe, and vocalist of a rock band, West Indian Girl, and get this– she’s Filipino-American(!) (i mean, helleerr! pangalan pa lang– Mariqueen–Pinoy na pinoy na).  Hay naku, Trent. Pinay rin lang pala ang hanap mo,  e di sana.. dot dot. Haha.. nevermind!

Here are some more of Reznor’s latest twits for the past 2 days:

I have been sober for 8 years today (where I am). Thanks for letting me share that with you. Proud of that.

Easy: encountering real people in the real world mostly = love. Reading bullshit online from anonymous cowards = hate.

This “being madly in love” thing is weird. Feels bad being apart.

It’s true – I’ve gone soft. Sorry everyone.

Here’s my most fave song from NIN, Closer. Directed by Mark Romanek, one of the best mv directors around. PG ALERT! -> This controversial 1994 mv is disturbing, demonic, and dementedAhh, the good ole days, they don’t make them the way they used to, huh?… *sighs*

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