Aside from blogging, I also spent part of my leisure time FaceBooking… I like posting links to interesting videos and features especially about art and creative works so I could share them with friends and family.  I just think it would be a waste if I don’t share them as well here.

I found these stop-motion animation videos.  There were a lot of them out there but these were the 3 most interesting works that I found so far. Hope you enjoy them!

3) Run, Little Pink Pig, Run!

This fascinating animation is a bit too long but the fact it was mainly done by only one person using hundreds of pix is admirable enough. Bravo!

2) Pixelized Post-its: Deadline

A group project from some art students using post-its as pixels. Nifty!

1)  Graffiti Animation: MUTO

I like Italian graffiti artist BLU (not as much as Banksy though). But this animation video must have been a lot of hard work for him, considering that he had to work outdoors and under the sun. I know I wouldn’t last that long.

More art finds to come!


When there are times you feel your world is crumbling down, and you find that life is just plain too hard, and that you are all alone…

Just take a deep breath. Square those droopy shoulders. Chin up. Get up. Stretch and…just start dancing!