His Royal Stripeness, Grumba wishes everyone…

…Kung Hei Fat Choi or Happy New Tiger Year !

…Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers!!

….and oh, yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day, too!!!


Part of my New Year Resolutions was to start learning to cook new dishes.  That is why I will come up with culinary projects (Western and Asian) that I will feature here in my blog. I already started with our New Year’s Eve dinner…

I made pepper-encrusted steak (recipe here) with roasted broccoli and potatoes (recipe here), and sweet yellow corn with cayenne butter:

I am infatuated with black pepper right now – I sprinkle everything I eat with freshly-ground pepper! It was my first time to cook a steak. I admit I still have a long way to go in choosing the right meats and in preparing it the way the experts do. But this was a great start. Yup! Yup!

New Year, New Hang-out: What’s a good way to start the year than with a night out and lotsa beer? (Grub Bar and Grill, BF Paranaque – Jan. 2010).

In last year’s NY post, I followed some feng shui tips to welcome the New Year as an experiment to see if 2009 will be my lucky year. Did it work? Well, let’s just say I didn’t win the Lotto. Haha! Oh, well…seemed pointless but it was fun. So to usher in 2010, I still prepared a basket of round fruits, placing money in uncooked rice and under my pillow, ate grapes, and opened the windows and doors. Lady Luck, come on in!

Tiger Reigns Supreme: 2010 is Grumba’s year!!!

And for my New Year header pic, it shows me and my pet tiger. How i wish! Haha! I am using one of the pictures showing my hand carefully patting this beautiful white tiger on its back (from my Indonesia tour)… Considering that 2010 is another turning point and a transition year for me, this pic symbolizes bravery, confidence and hope to be able to “tame” this Tiger Year; and make it work to my advantage. Fight? Fight! Rawwwwrrr!

As I said, I may not have won the Lotto in 2009 but everyone I love was safe and still doing great even when unusually strong typhoons came and went.  Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings!

Wishing you all…

a Happy and

Safe New Year!!!

The year has come to an end and I’m hoping for a more fruitful year ahead.  2008 may have its good times but there are things that have happened that we would rather forget.  Many of us (which I find highly unusual) lost someone we know during this year mostly succumbing to illnesses and other health impairments.  I pray that things would be better somehow and all our loved ones will be safe in this Year of the Ox.

Just like the rest of the holidays, it also rained (slightly) on New Year’s eve (this is also the first rainy new year’s day in my experience).    And, for the first time too, I decided to try out several feng shui tips to bring in good luck.  I usually do not believe in feng shui but I know it won’t hurt if you put up a bagwan (a fortune mirror charm), a severed rabbit’s tail or something else on top of your front door.  Whatever rocks your boat, it’s fine with me as long as you’re not hurting anybody…

So this year, I experimented (and also just for the heck of it) to see if New Year feng shui tips really work (to see the results…well, I have to report about it at the end of 2009, I guess).  I tried out several feng shui advices that they say could bring in good luck while ushering in the new year like not sweeping the floor on New Year’s Eve (or you’ll bring out the good chi, um, I think); opening the windows to bring in luck; buying round-shaped fruits because they’re supposed to bring in money and harmony (?); putting money bills in an ang pao (lucky red packets) and placing it under your pillow, etc.  I maybe game with all these but I draw the line when it comes to lighting up firecrackers (deathly afraid of them) and wearing polka-dots (…just…can’t..do…it).

Here are some pictures taken at home during the Eve:


A feng shui expert who was interviewed on TV said that one should have 12 to 13 kinds…repeat, KINDS, not pieces, of round shaped fruits since 12 and 13 are considered lucky.  Was she serious or was it just bad grammar? Of all the feng shui tips, I find this to be the most idiotic.  Where can we possibly find 12 or 13 kinds of round fruits when December is definitely not the season for fruits?  But I went out and bought them anyway–ended up with eight kinds of fruits (8 is also a lucky number, right?).  Yes, I’m a sucker sometimes.  But hey, it’s for research, right?


Filling in a bowl of rice with 88 pieces of coins (and other lucky charms).  This advice includes cooking the rice after three days.  I had to break my piggy bank for this… Just kidding.


Serving sticky rice cake, biko (to improve family ties).  A combination of bread, wine and cheese were also served which is an Italian feng shui tip to bring in prosperity and good taste.  Of course, I’m kidding! If you fell for that last one, you’re a bigger sucker than I am.  They just happened to be in the picture, that’s all.


Here’s to a better and sparkling year ahead for all of us!  Grumba and I wish that 2009 will truly be a Year of the Oks na Oks! Cheers!

Had fun with some photos… the one who created this site is pure genius! Hope he/she can come up with more effects…

Here are some samples…fun pix of Grumba (the uberstar!):

Grumba: Warhol’s Muse

In Grumba We Trust

A Work of Art

“A little higher, please…”

Must-See TV

Grumba’s Fans

Isn’t it amazing? We can’t tell what’s real or not anymore though… kinda scary, wondering where this ‘deceptive’ technology might take us into the future.  Hmmm… But for the meantime, let’s just have fun with it, shall we?…

My blog will have a ‘soft opening’ this Thursday Friday.  What I mean by this is…not a lot of my close friends know I have a personal blog yet.  I had been keeping this a secret for several reasons–I’m too shy, I’m not ready yet to talk about it, it’s still new and I’m not prepared to show it…stuff like that. It is like moving to a new home, and you can’t have your friends over until you’ve cleaned, furnished, and decorated the place until it’s presentable enough.

So this Thursday Friday, i will announce to some select friends to finally come and visit my new “house.” That’s why I’m busy finishing my drafts, to be readied for postings, editing some, checking and rechecking past posts for errors yet unnoticed (I’m a teacher, I can’t help it)…

Blogging is a helpful, modern way of keeping in touch. To know what one is up to nowadays, wherever you are in the world.  It is a whole new way of corresponding.  Blogging also gives me a chance to ‘meet’ and ‘talk’ with interesting people by visiting each other’s blogs. And it encourages people to read more and write more.  So it’s all good, right?

But could it replace conversations as well or change the way people talk?  I know it is a far-fetched idea but anything can be replaced nowadays by new technology…it CAN get crazy! As BuhayPinoy said in our thread about vanishing trades, “Ano pa ang mawawala sa pag-usbong ng bagong tekno? Let’s wait and see.”

Some people prefer to write about stuff rather than talk about it.  Sometimes, I am like that, too.  I may not be a writer, but I love wit, ideas and knowledge. And these are what I want to write, share, and talk about.  Sometimes you can’t explain things verbally…you just have to write them down so you can check and reflect if you made sense or not.

But if each person will have his own blog, could all conversations someday go like these?

Q: So what happened at the reunion party last Monday?

A: You can just read about it in my blog.

Q: How was the movie?

A: I’ll talk about it in my blog.

Q: Hon, did you see my car keys?

A: Check my blog.

Q: Did you flush the toilet?

A: You’ll find out in my blog.

Crazy…but who knows?

Grumbacher: Just a quick question, oh great one…

when can I have my own blog?

…TODAY, the bus fare going to Manila from my place increased by a WHOPPING 14 PESOS! I don’t commute to Manila everyday…but my heart goes out to those who do.  Imagine, they will need to add 28 pesos daily to their fare…amounting to 140 pesos more for every week, leading to an additional 560 pesos for each month!

Oh…my…God…I can’t breathe…I need water…or better yet just tell me if it’s over while I go and crawl under a big rock…

Grumbacher (comforting me at right): There, there…it’s going to be alright…um, I know it is a bad time to ask this, SL, but…can I have my own blog?