I stay away from cooking since I was a kid due to certain reasons: I think I don’t have a gift. I don’t have an acute sense of smell.  I distrust my taste buds (if I have any). I just like to eat.

But as Gusteau’s motto goes: “Anyone can cook!” does that include me? Hah! Wait, if a rat could do it…

Actually what inspired a non-cook like me to start learning was watching –whoa, no surprise here- Julie and Julia… AND! those addicting jdoramas

Amy Adams (left) as former blogger turned author, Julie Powell (pic source) from Julie and Julia.

What can I say? I love this movie as do countless of others. Especially for bloggers like us who could relate to Julie’s joys (and sufferings) when it comes to blogging.  Her hardships, personal tests, and triumphs seemed like ours, too. And it was great knowing that both of them -Julie and Julia-started out as non-cooks, as well…

…especially Julia Childs, as portrayed by Meryl Streep (at right; pic source) who started out late (she was in her late 30’s) with her culinary career but eventually became a legend.  Yes, there’s hope for the hopeless and hapless cook wanna-bes like me.

So with that, I have decided to come up with two food projects (Dalawa! – kinakareer talaga!). These are The Sunday Lunch Project (click here) and The FooDoRama Challenge (click here).

Let the cooking (and the eating) commence!