Note: This is a continuation of Part 5 – Rafting Adventure in CDO

For our last night of our Weekend Rush, we were too tired to venture on a food trip in CDO.  We heard there were some great eateries we could try out in Limketkai Center but due to lack of time, we decided to just find a good resto in the nearby busy Divisoria area.

What we found was the Inilog Grill along Tiano Bros. St… They have live acoustic performances and the coldest beer in town!

We enjoyed their talaba (fresh oysters) and sizzling ostrich (above pic) which has the slight consistency of a cross between pork and lengua.

Wilshire Inn (at Pres. Aguinaldo St.) was where we stayed. They have very affordable rooms for budget travelers like us. The staff esp. the security men at the entrance were helpful and kind.  Thanks so much for a good stay!

Sigh... waiting with our bags at the CDO Lumbia airport…

Going home now :( Back to work and back to reality.

First thing to do – Unpack the pasalubongs first, of course: The VJandep pastel or coffee buns (with yema filling) tasted amazing esp. if you heat it up in the toaster oven first.  And the lanzones came along with some extra friends, too – Camiguin’s probinsyano black ants that are now getting used to their new home here in Metro Manila. lol

Looking back…

Maraming salamat po! In this day and age, it is inevitable to have modern-day problems like where to charge batteries for your gadgets when traveling. Thanks so much to those who allowed us to use their electric outlets along the way- in the airports, ships, and even inside a ticketing office! 😀

The Weekend Rush Gang! Woo-hoo! Did we really do all these in less than 3 days? Yes, we did! Guess it goes to show that being part of a team can make dreams possible… Thank you, God for giving us a safe and fun journey… Our country is a beautiful place indeed. Pilipinas muna bago mundo!


Note: This is a continuation of Part 4 - Daybreak at White Island.

We left Camiguin today for CDO. We were off to have an afternoon of white water river rafting adventure

CDO, here we go! We reached CDO’s Balingoan Port at 9:20 am, and took a comfortable airconditioned bus ride to CDO City (Fare = Php135).

After checking in at a small hotel in CDO, we were fetched by the Kagay river guides who took us to the starting point somewhere in Bukidnon. We received some briefing and undertook a practice run first before we started with the actual rafting.

In nervous anticipation (left). Our group got divided into two teams for all of us will not fit in one raft.

A Kagay photographer took hundreds of pix during the rafting using a waterproof Pentax Vios W60.  Here are Jonjon’s sample action shots:

No more practice… this is it!

Oh, no… step on the brakes!?!



Still alive… High Five!

Pausing to admire the beautiful CDO River…

Oh, no…here we go again! Weeeh!

It was a thrill! Despite the current El Niño phenomenon, the river didn’t disappoint us. And we were lucky the water looked clean and clear (and wasn’t ‘brownish’) on this day. Thanks to the Kagay people for making this possible… it was truly worth it…

By the end of our little rafting adventure, we were already tired and hungry. Time was short so we had to make use of what little was left…

Up next: Going Home…

For more information on CDO's White Water River Rafting,
you can click on Kagay's website here. :)
Note: This is a continuation of Part 3 - More of Camiguin

On our last day in Camiguin… we woke up before dawn today to catch the sunrise at White Island. To get to the island, one can rent a boat for Php450 for a back and forth trip.

White Island is a crescent shape sand bar just off the coast of Mambajao. White sand or powdered corals can be found here. You can also get a nice view of Camiguin Island on this sandy strip…

We had the whole island to ourselves when we got here at 5:30 am…

Watching the sunrise in the east of the sand bar…

…while the moon sets in the west.

The Gathering: The A Girls and I are getting ready for a new day of…

…more crazy  jump shots, what else? Wheee! :0) (shots by Kneil; camera by Jjai)

No, please! Don’t make me quote THAT song…lol!

Just me and my trolly feet

More tourists were coming in while we were getting set to leave. Above pic shows the Old Volcano on the left while Mt. Hibok-Hibok is the one farther into the background on the right.

Goodbye, beautiful island! 😦 (Left pic by Amih)…

Alas, it was time to leave Camiguin…I hope to come back again and get to explore more of this unique island – a day and a half just isn’t enough…

We headed to Benoni Port to catch an 8:15 ferry for CDO’s Balingoan Port. The fee was Php150.

We had to hurry because we still had an adventurous afternoon ahead of us…

Next Post: Rafting Adventure in CDO!

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Been there, been that…

That was a joke my former co-teacher would say (and it never failed to keep me from giggling no matter how many times he repeated it…I guess, it was the way he said it) especially when traveling to different places was being talked about.

Well, I’ve ‘been there, been that’ (giggle, giggle) in some major parts of the Philippines (places in my wish list still include Sagada, Vigan, Camiguin, and Ilocos).  And I was pretty satisfied with ‘my record’ (mula Aparri hanggang…er, well, Gensan) until I got my grade from Lakbayan:

WHAT? My Lakbayan grade is ONLY C+?

(The blues in the map show where I’ve been)…

I know C plus is not bad (it’s like 85 to 90, right? no? um, ok maybe, 80 to 84?).  But it still irked me nonetheless.  Ganun? C plus pala ha? If the purpose is to irritate me into packing my backpack and go explore the rest of the beautiful country, which in turn will help support Philippine tourism–well, it worked, buster! If only I could take a leave from work right now, I would!

And…and…and if i could, humanda ka , Lakbayan! Grrr…I’ll show you…  😡

travel pictures that, is!  Yeah…I’ll show you…hmp!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
♥ ♥ And to duskfading: Thanks for this site…(because of it, napa-crash course tuloy ako sa Phil. geography ng di oras, di ko kasi alam kung anong mga lugar na nadaanan ko e, hehe). Rest easy, k?