That’s right. Blogging will now resume–albeit a bit late as I had initially intended.  The hiatus is over but it doesn’t mean I’m done with my grad school requirements; there’s still a long way to go, and there were certain plans that did not push through.  But I had a good rest from blogging though… looking back, I realized I needed a respite from it… to clear my head and deal with some issues.

Actually, I was supposed to end the hiatus last Feb. But i did not return to blogging right away–I was still enjoying my ‘blogging-break.’  The Internet has been taking over our lives way too much that I had to forcibly tear myself away from it, step back, and take a breather.  Besides, going back to blogging is like learning to ride the bike all over again.  I have to get used to it again. But there will probably be changes. Unlike before, maybe this time, I won’t be too obsessed about writing and editing my posts and checking my stats.  And I also resolve to write shorter posts, and to try to come up with mostly increments or snippets of my thoughts (or just pix) so it wouldn’t take most of my time.

And to prove that last point, I better shut up and and end this post now.  So there!  (^_^)

Next post… pix from my hiatus!