Thank you ZJ (sreisaat) for giving me this award last week.


Sorry it took time for me to blog about it!  It is because… I don’t know how to react! Hahaha!

Of course, ZJ, you’re my BFF (and blog mentor)! And I really appreciate the award! Actually it is my first award or tag…

The reason for the delay is…I don’t have enough blogger friends (yet) to give it to– being a relatively new blogger who pretty much keeps to herself and has no time to go around the blogosphere (para magpakilala)…

So after some thought, I am giving this award to two of my (other) blogger friends (utang na lang muna yung isa pa):

Dusk Fading: Hers is one of the blogs I often visit and one of the nicest bloggers around (Kasi she replies or visits back– di tulad ng mga iba kong binisita in the past.  Bitter much? Hehe!) She’s also a teacher and a gifted writer. She’s soon to be a mom so i wish her (and her baby) good health and many wonderful blessings!!

Buhay Pinoy: I love history, that’s why I support BP’s photoblogs that show pictures about our culture–noon at ngayon.  I also love these ‘visual’ blogs for the fact that they don’t have words much (minsan nakakapagod din magbasa ng mga sinusulat ng mga sangkatutak na bloggers) but instead show beautiful and interesting pictures that the blogger took time to research and collect from others (so that you don’t have to). As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Buhay Pinoy is one of my blogging mentors, too, when it comes to putting up a photoblog (I have one… still in the works but it’s coming soon!). Thanks, BP!

And back to my friend ZJ whom i would like to thank for the kind words about me! A friend since college days, ZJ’s one of the earliest Pinoy bloggers around (since 2002?) that I know of and have encouraged me to blog for the longest time…  An adventurous traveler and talented photographer with a huge heart. And a true PINAY–strong, independent, and free-spirited! Cambodia (and Rob) is lucky to have her. PS… mare, ym ym na lang ha? hehe.


Had fun with some photos… the one who created this site is pure genius! Hope he/she can come up with more effects…

Here are some samples…fun pix of Grumba (the uberstar!):

Grumba: Warhol’s Muse

In Grumba We Trust

A Work of Art

“A little higher, please…”

Must-See TV

Grumba’s Fans

Isn’t it amazing? We can’t tell what’s real or not anymore though… kinda scary, wondering where this ‘deceptive’ technology might take us into the future.  Hmmm… But for the meantime, let’s just have fun with it, shall we?…

Not feeling great lately. Pushing myself to do stuff not because i want to (it’s because i have to). As a result, I’m a bit behind work and school.  Hope it’s just a phase though. Need to kick myself in the a**.  Kept reminding myself to do one step at a time, and that before you know it, it’s done.

Guess i’m having a slight case of mild burn-out. Mindtools says, according to their “burn-out online test,” i got a score of 45 and that I’m “at risk.”

The Science of Burn-Out:

Burn-out could be caused by different reasons: exhaustion (physical and emotional), diminished interest, or depersonalization/cynicism.  (Info source: wikipedia) I guess I’m just exhausted from meeting deadlines and the stress brought about by such.  I think my experience from undergoing my recently-concluded practicum is now taking its toll on me–physically and emotionally.  Before, it was “rah-rah-rah!” But now that it’s done, I’m like: “don’t care…leave me alone.”

(Based on my experience, I just like to add that burn-out can be accompanied with a sense of ‘purposelessness’… Times like these, I often ask myself, “What’s the point?” If there is none [and even if there is, you just don’t WANT to see it], it’s hard to wake up, face the day and go through all the usual routine.)

To recover, one suggestion that I’m keeping in mind is to use burnout as a trigger for personal growth:

This is probably one of the most positive ways that people manage burnout: By using it as a wakeup call to re-evaluate the way they want to live their lives and what they want to achieve.

The site suggests that in order to do this…you should:

  • “…understand why you are burning out.” Ok did that already. Next.
  • Move on and evaluate your goals…Self-Reflect. Right…
  • Then, redirect or change your direction to reach those new (or same) goals.” … Goals are seen as the exit if you’re stuck in a maze (or a rut) and can’t get out. It is like bringing back that sense of purpose that you lost along the way (which is basically to get out of the damned maze!) Ok, got it. Thanks.

I would like to add one tip though: And if you have accomplished your goals, give yourself a reward for a getting yourself out of the rut! (I’m smiling now as I’m thinking of MY reward)

That and chanting a personal mantra can help, too, I guess…   one step at a time… one step at a time… one step at a time…

Been there, been that…

That was a joke my former co-teacher would say (and it never failed to keep me from giggling no matter how many times he repeated it…I guess, it was the way he said it) especially when traveling to different places was being talked about.

Well, I’ve ‘been there, been that’ (giggle, giggle) in some major parts of the Philippines (places in my wish list still include Sagada, Vigan, Camiguin, and Ilocos).  And I was pretty satisfied with ‘my record’ (mula Aparri hanggang…er, well, Gensan) until I got my grade from Lakbayan:

WHAT? My Lakbayan grade is ONLY C+?

(The blues in the map show where I’ve been)…

I know C plus is not bad (it’s like 85 to 90, right? no? um, ok maybe, 80 to 84?).  But it still irked me nonetheless.  Ganun? C plus pala ha? If the purpose is to irritate me into packing my backpack and go explore the rest of the beautiful country, which in turn will help support Philippine tourism–well, it worked, buster! If only I could take a leave from work right now, I would!

And…and…and if i could, humanda ka , Lakbayan! Grrr…I’ll show you…  😡

travel pictures that, is!  Yeah…I’ll show you…hmp!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
♥ ♥ And to duskfading: Thanks for this site…(because of it, napa-crash course tuloy ako sa Phil. geography ng di oras, di ko kasi alam kung anong mga lugar na nadaanan ko e, hehe). Rest easy, k?

There’s this hue/color test that I tried.  It was fun.  I scored a ten at first (the highest score should be zero) which wasn’t good on my part since being an artist and having ‘on my palette’ as the title for a blog, i consider a score of ten quite embarrassing. So i tried it again AND finally garnered a perfect zero (i never in my life thought i would live to see the day that having a score of zero would be something to be ‘hue’ -phoric about)!

Try it at FM 100 Hue Test…Goodluck!:

…well, almost.  $299,994,240,633 to be exact. And only in a virtual world via

It was harder than i expected. I did it twice because during the first time–due to my inability to figure out numerical details (in other words, I suck in math! grrr!), i overspent and had to start all over again.

I tried to take it seriously and not to cheat… Avoiding crazy items like spending an evening with Johnny Depp for $300M (Tchuh! Who me?), buying a magic wand or Canada, or building a time machine with my virtual money.  I prioritized clicking those important items that were needed in order to prove a point that giving is better than spending it all on war. It wouldn’t hurt to leave behind a great legacy if you spent 3 trillion dollars wisely…like feeding starving orphans first…

It was tiring…A lot of minutes had passed and i was still nowhere near 1 trillion dollars. I had to leave the site thrice and rest…because saving the world with 3 trillion dollars can really be ‘exhausting.’  If you’re interested, see breakdown of my shopping spree.

These are some of my philanthropic choices…if I had all that money:

….I would give aid to causes that promote education, and livelihood (Achieve Universal Literacy; Universal Preschool; Sustainable Agriculture Education Worldwide;  200T Cows for a Gift of a Heifer; End Poverty and Health-related Diseases); fight hunger and poverty (Rice for all; End Third World Debt); clean the world and fight diseases (Fight AIDS in Developing Countries; Clean water for Everyone; Cure a Deadly disease; Cure for Alzheimer’s; Cure for Cancer); Promote the arts (art center; salary grants for talented starving artists…wow, sana totoo); fight injustice (Human Rights; Lawyers for the Poor; War reparations for Iraq); Save the Environment (Switch to solar power; Plant a million trees), etc.

After spending 2.7 trillion dollars on saving the world… I had a spare change of a measly 300B to spend for myself… College education for all members of the family; make a Hollywood Movie: $106M; a collector’s CD set of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: $133; Documentary Film-making fund: $5M; an island in the Bahamas;  the world’s most expensive fiddle; Create my own college; Houses of my dreams; Buy Google for $2.5B and Microsoft for $262B; an evening with Johnny Depp (oops…well, I did say I tried!)…

What did I feel after ‘spending’ three trillion dollars? Well, I always wondered how it feels to be in Monty Brewster‘s shoes (of the 1985 movie ‘Brewster’s Millions’ starring Richard Pryor) who was forced to waste 30 million dollars in 30 days…  In one memorable scene, Brewster came home looking dazed and bewildered and muttering to himself, “…I just bought an iceberg…” He felt frustrated and absolutely hated it and I could understand why.  But that was fiction.  What’s really scary is that there ARE people who did spend 100 billion times that amount by illegally occupying a single country.  And what’s even scarier is that unlike Brewster, these people don’t seem to be going around dazed and bewildered …they’re in a constant state of denial, showing no remorse or guilt whatsoever.  A colossal waste of money? No, colossal is not right. Unforgivable is more like it.

Postscript: if still interested, see this related site on same topic.