December 2009

It’s the Holidays once again.  Here are some of my pix for the month of December:

Company Christmas party: We had a Mediterranean theme! We sat on the ground – eating humus, chicken tangine, vegetable curry, baklava (we had a lot of laughs over that word), and shawarma…

Noche Buena 2009: For our Christmas feast this year, we decided to serve something fuss-free and fun. So we had a grilling party, make-your-own-burger-sandwiches, potato salad, ham, and of course, lotsa wine and beer.

My Bodyguard: I have restarted my exercise program – so far so good! At night, I walk around the neighborhood. And during the holiday break, Lev with his wave-board (above pic) acted as my bodyguard during my walks…

My cute limited edition Pegacorns posing under my tree before they were given away for Christmas.  (BTW, Pegasus + Unicorn = Pegacorns). Wherever they are now, I hope they made some kids happy and that they’ll be well-cared for and loved…

Tis season to give and give and give. This year, we got to visit St. James Bazaar at Ayala Alabang Village scouring for one of a kind gifts to give away…

Levic and me with our 3D shades as we watched Avatar in SM.  Superb movie experience that will surely bring people back to the cinemas – if only they bring down the admission price (and redesign those shades for people who wear glasses) – then we’re all game!

And lastly of course, here is a picture of my tannenbaum at home. It had been up since October.  I ❤ my tree…

From OMP, wishing everyone a truly  Merry and Blessed Christmas!!!


It is the season once again for… eating! Food… food everywhere… These were our food trips from October to December 2009:

Pepper Lunch, Alabang: I really enjoy eating there. First time I tasted this was in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2008. It is really a fun concept cooking the food you ordered yourself.  I found it fascinating how it kept on sizzling on the hot iron plate even after quite a considerable time had already passed. Rating: b (^_^) d

Latitudes at Traders Hotel: This was the birthday treat from my bro. “The key to eating in a buffet is to pace yourself.” Ahh, you learn something new everyday. Rating: (^_^) d

Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak in Makati: Pinoy version of Pepper Lunch. Is it a form of copying or emulating? I still believe that one should be original. I don’t know about you but I still prefer PL. Rating: ( ̄ー ̄) d

World of Chicken at Gateway, Cubao: I’ve been coming back to this place and may still continue doing so until I’ve tried all their dishes… The combo I chose above were fried bananas, Spanish rice, and chicken with sweet spicy sauce. Hmm, wonder what my next order would be? Rating: b (^_^) d

Pho Hoa: I love Vietnamese food.  It is not so bad to treat yourself with food like this from time to time. Above pic is my ultra-fave, spring rolls! We also ordered…

Vietnamese beef stew w/ toasted bread

French-pressed coffee (Vietnamese style – super strong and sweet)…… Over-all Rating: \(=^ェ^=)/

Starbucks’ bagel ham sandwich. What can i say? It’s pricey but hey it’s the holidays. Rating: ( ̄ー ̄) d

And for dessert, we found…

White Hat: frozen Italian yogurt which reminds me of our yogurt experiences in the Mountain Province. Sourrific, healthy and good! Rating: b (^_^)

Ice Cream at Pepper Lunch for only 25 pesos! We had caramel and goma (black sesame seeds). I had the latter. At first, it tasted strangely sweet and bitter. But by the time I finished eating it– I realized that I really liked it! Rating: @(^ェ^*)@

Let’s burp our way to the new 2010… til the next food-trippin adventure!

Time flies by so fast. And before you realize it- it’s now the end of another year and another decade. I’ve been slacking off from writing and updating my blog. I kinda admit it was hard to start writing again… But to update i must.

I would like to share some pictures from October to December 2009:

Boo! We all know the ways of The Craft. Paper Crafts that is. These were the Halloween decors at my workplace!  Courtesy of T. Ami and our students…

All Souls Day 2009. We visited mom at the memorial park. It rained that night and the wind was strong – blowing out the candles that we set up.  And we had to take shelter under tarp canopies left by other picnickers.  Good thing the rain didn’t last too long…Afterwards, we went home and watched a horror movie. Chillingly good fun!

I was there! Educators and parents gathered at the SpED Expo held in Glorietta, Makati on Dec. 1, 2009. Our school did a talk too about reading and learning difficulties.

Kids works and some of our teaching materials on display at the SpEd Expo in Makati.

Can you spell syzygy? Friends and I watched this superb musical at the RCBC last Dec. 6, 2009. Helluva good time, talented cast and with a surprise marriage proposal at the end of the play from one of the actors to his girlfriend.

Next Post: more holiday pix from December to January… Yes, folks. I’m cramming it all in a few number of posts as much as possible.  That’s what i get for slacking off. Har-har! 🙂