I would just like to interrupt my blogging break…

To announce that my blog…

turns 2 today! Woo-hoo!!

With 167 posts (including this) and 38,069 hits so far… OMP gears up for hopefully more and more years of happy blogging ahead.

Happy 2nd Birthday, OMP!!!


~~photo credit: richard forward


stuff-2701Time to put the holiday decors down, store them away, and clean up what needs to be cleaned up.  I don’t normally do NYRs (new year’s resolutions) but this time I need to do some thinking and make some changes.

Packing away the decors and back to the same way it was?… Not if I can help it.

Like…I love blogging (and facebooking).  But I feel there are times, that I’m finding myself spending way too much time on it–time I can’t afford right now.  So stumbling upon this site and reading about it helped me break away from being obligated to blog… (and rethinking about doing away with other addicting internet habits):

1.  I will be busy for my written comprehensive exams. I have a month to prepare for it.  So that means, I will not be blogging and facebooking much until that part of my life is over.  Just thinking about the exams is making me hyperventilate.  Oh, God!

stuff-2682. Preparing also means cleaning up and organizing my notes… my files… my room… my life. I am such a pack rat, I hate throwing away bits of inane fluff and pieces of scribbled paper, too afraid to part with them for I might somehow need them in the future (which never happens).  This crazy habit has got to end!

To finally get on top of the situation: To borrow (and to butcher) a quote from Sir Edmund Hillary, it is not these  stacks and stacks of notes and documents we should conquer but ourselves (Left)

3. And of course, the mother of all NYR cliches… Maybe… just maybe… lose some weight.  I will not add anything more regarding this.  That’s just that.

So there… I don’t know how to end this. Maybe a little goodbye-be-blogging-whenever-I-can will suffice…

So…Bye! Be blogging soon…if I can! And wish me luck….

Thank you ZJ (sreisaat) for giving me this award last week.


Sorry it took time for me to blog about it!  It is because… I don’t know how to react! Hahaha!

Of course, ZJ, you’re my BFF (and blog mentor)! And I really appreciate the award! Actually it is my first award or tag…

The reason for the delay is…I don’t have enough blogger friends (yet) to give it to– being a relatively new blogger who pretty much keeps to herself and has no time to go around the blogosphere (para magpakilala)…

So after some thought, I am giving this award to two of my (other) blogger friends (utang na lang muna yung isa pa):

Dusk Fading: Hers is one of the blogs I often visit and one of the nicest bloggers around (Kasi she replies or visits back– di tulad ng mga iba kong binisita in the past.  Bitter much? Hehe!) She’s also a teacher and a gifted writer. She’s soon to be a mom so i wish her (and her baby) good health and many wonderful blessings!!

Buhay Pinoy: I love history, that’s why I support BP’s photoblogs that show pictures about our culture–noon at ngayon.  I also love these ‘visual’ blogs for the fact that they don’t have words much (minsan nakakapagod din magbasa ng mga sinusulat ng mga sangkatutak na bloggers) but instead show beautiful and interesting pictures that the blogger took time to research and collect from others (so that you don’t have to). As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Buhay Pinoy is one of my blogging mentors, too, when it comes to putting up a photoblog (I have one… still in the works but it’s coming soon!). Thanks, BP!

And back to my friend ZJ whom i would like to thank for the kind words about me! A friend since college days, ZJ’s one of the earliest Pinoy bloggers around (since 2002?) that I know of and have encouraged me to blog for the longest time…  An adventurous traveler and talented photographer with a huge heart. And a true PINAY–strong, independent, and free-spirited! Cambodia (and Rob) is lucky to have her. PS… mare, ym ym na lang ha? hehe.

My blog will have a ‘soft opening’ this Thursday Friday.  What I mean by this is…not a lot of my close friends know I have a personal blog yet.  I had been keeping this a secret for several reasons–I’m too shy, I’m not ready yet to talk about it, it’s still new and I’m not prepared to show it…stuff like that. It is like moving to a new home, and you can’t have your friends over until you’ve cleaned, furnished, and decorated the place until it’s presentable enough.

So this Thursday Friday, i will announce to some select friends to finally come and visit my new “house.” That’s why I’m busy finishing my drafts, to be readied for postings, editing some, checking and rechecking past posts for errors yet unnoticed (I’m a teacher, I can’t help it)…

Blogging is a helpful, modern way of keeping in touch. To know what one is up to nowadays, wherever you are in the world.  It is a whole new way of corresponding.  Blogging also gives me a chance to ‘meet’ and ‘talk’ with interesting people by visiting each other’s blogs. And it encourages people to read more and write more.  So it’s all good, right?

But could it replace conversations as well or change the way people talk?  I know it is a far-fetched idea but anything can be replaced nowadays by new technology…it CAN get crazy! As BuhayPinoy said in our thread about vanishing trades, “Ano pa ang mawawala sa pag-usbong ng bagong tekno? Let’s wait and see.”

Some people prefer to write about stuff rather than talk about it.  Sometimes, I am like that, too.  I may not be a writer, but I love wit, ideas and knowledge. And these are what I want to write, share, and talk about.  Sometimes you can’t explain things verbally…you just have to write them down so you can check and reflect if you made sense or not.

But if each person will have his own blog, could all conversations someday go like these?

Q: So what happened at the reunion party last Monday?

A: You can just read about it in my blog.

Q: How was the movie?

A: I’ll talk about it in my blog.

Q: Hon, did you see my car keys?

A: Check my blog.

Q: Did you flush the toilet?

A: You’ll find out in my blog.

Crazy…but who knows?

Grumbacher: Just a quick question, oh great one…

when can I have my own blog?

My blog is relatively new (just 3 days old). It was my first time to use wordpress. I’ve managed a blog before–and it was with the other one, namely, blogger. There were times I wished I never switched at all…

My first post practically took me hours to manage and complete. I didn’t fare any better with the next one. Being mabusisi (detail-fixated), I go back, delete, drag and drop, move an item, browse, upload, link up, unlink, go back, delete, edit, re-edit, etc., all the time cursing and wishing, “Maybe I’m not cut out for this…” My uploaded pictures either disappeared without a trace or just won’t stay put…platial mapkit sucks…and lay-outing my posts generally took a lot of my patience and self-control that I felt I’ll go berserk in any moment. It was like Mr. WordPress was telling me ala Sergeant Foley in “An Officer and a Gentleman:” “You can forget it! GET OUT!” No way! I’m not a quitter…and so I persevered…

Aaargh! Ang hirap naman ng @#%*! ito!!! But I won’t quit…I can’t quit! I got nowhere else to go…I got nothin’ else…huhuhu!!! I lament as Grumbacher patiently looks on…

Now, as I look back…I think I did pretty good work for a start. The patience paid off. And in the end, I took back about wanting to go back to blogger.

WordPress is way cooler, more sophisticated, and much hipper than the other one. It may not be idiot-friendly (anyway, who wants to attract idiots?), a bit snobbishly-restricting (understandably, to protect against hackers and viruses), and had limited fixed themes (which is hard for me being an advocate for the right to be unique and different)…but it had its rewards. I’m glad I’m in it! Or you can say, I kinda lifted myself up where I belong…

Grumbacher (rolling his eyes): Oh brother!